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Why an International Executive Protection Company?

An international executive protection company focuses on your needs as a C-suite level executive, (V)VIP, celebrity or diplomat while travelling. That means our services are without restrictions regarding building safety and security, travel comfort and to boost productiveness, for you and that of your personnel and family members. Your safety is always our main concern, but that does not mean we stop there.

We follow your itinerary and assess every situation in detail, ensuring your safety at all times. If we have ascertained there are no imminent threats, we gladly book your hotel or flight, arrange a meeting or private dining arrangements or tickets for a show or concert.

Executive Security Services

Under high-risk or high-profile circumstances, we take the lead in planning and communication. Depending on the specific threat and its risk level, we assess what needs to be done to keep you safe. We consider location, transportation (vehicles and routes), and the intended plans and whether we can proceed with them. We quickly assess what requirements are at our disposal versus what do we need.

Executive protection is always tailored to your needs and your current circumstances. High-risk executive protection services can include:

  • Personal protection, for you personally, for your staff or your family members.
  • Secure transportation, with security drivers trained in specialist driving skills, advanced first aid and surveillance counter measures. We also provide armored vehicles up to VR9.
  • Travel security, accompanying you from your home or office to the airport, in the (private) aircraft and at the destination.
  • Residential security safeguards you and your family at home or when you are away for extended periods.
  • In some cases (e.g., threats of burglary, criminal attack, or kidnap), family risk management ensures your family’s safety at home, at work, on holiday and during sports.

Assistance From an International Executive Protection Company

Under low-risk or low-profile circumstances, we follow your lead. We can assume a role as one of your business team members or private staff members. We assign a bodyguard or security team who understand(s) your drive to conduct business or to accompany children, interfering in their daily life as little as possible.

The advantage of knowing your family’s routines and requirements enables us to downscale or upscale in a matter of moments. In low-risk day-to-day life, international executive protection services can include:

International Executive Protection Company Information

When searching for a close protection company that protects you globally, trust is key. Therefore, we recommend you to ask us any questions you may have and inquire about references. We cannot share any personal details online, but we can show you how we operate and present case details so you can get a grasp of our experience.

Infinite Risks International operates worldwide. We have worked for clients with various backgrounds, from business executives to athletes and from UHNWI to Royal families. We understand that some borders are more difficult to cross than others, and cultural differences can be challenging. If you trust your staff, including your security detail, you can feel safe to reach your goals. That is what we are here for.

Contact us today to find out why we deserve your trust and discover our approach as an international executive protection company to assisting you in reaching your goals.


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