How to Protect Yourself Against Cybercrime

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How to Protect Yourself Against Cybercrime?

Cybercrime is an increasing form of crime. As companies and households use more and more devices, software and applications connected to the internet, the options available to criminals have not only increased but are also incredibly diverse.

Think about it. How many devices do you work with for business and personal use that are connected to the Internet? In addition to your smartphone, tablet and computer, also include your thermostat, car, access gateway, internet/tv provider device, CCTV system, lighting, smart home assistant, etc.

Besides that, how many apps does your smartphone contain? For communication, games, news, weather, etc. How many online programs do you use on your laptop or computer that require regular updates or where you can log in both at home and at work? Think of customized software for business inventory management, accounting programs and e-mail. And how many online accounts do you have for social media, news, web shops, etc.?

All of these devices and applications are examples of opportunities cyber criminals have to get to you. In this article, you will discover what you can do about it yourself and how a professional security company can help you.

What Forms of Cyber Threats Can We Distinguish?

Computer crime is another word for cybercrime. It includes all forms of crime and abuse in which a computer and/or the internet play a role. As the examples mentioned above clarify, the forms of cyber crime are numerous. A number of categories can be distinguished:

  • Breaking into or hacking computers and systems
  • Retrieving and copying confidential data
  • Changing or deleting data illegitimately
  • Disable or shut down computers and systems
  • Acting as a malicious digital help desk to gain unauthorized access to someone’s computer or account
  • Send and spread viruses and/or malware
  • Threatening, blackmailing and bullying via e-mail or social media

Internet Safety Against Cybercrime Is Crucial

Criminals commonly violate for money, but as far as the internet is concerned, that is not always the case. Other reasons for cybercrime are threats and harassment or gaining access to cameras. In addition, companies should also be on their guard for confidential information theft, such as price-related data or product specifications. VIPs, celebrities, top athletes and influencers, for example, are frequent targets for hackers to gain access to confidential information, an account or to extort them. Sometimes a glimpse into an artist’s private life is enough motivation for hackers to make their move.

Be aware that all of your information online is accessible to criminals too. Are you active on social media, do you have your own website or do you post or publish information? Everything you share is useful information that can be held against you. For example, where you live and where you work. Which car you drive or whether cycling is your hobby. If you have a dog, who walks it? If you go out to dinner every Saturday evening and post about it on social media, then you unintentionally give a glimpse into your lifestyle. By investigating photos, videos, text and your connections, criminals can discover patterns or find information that provides an entrance, possibly through others.

Similarly, criminals retrieve information that could unravel your passwords. Many people use information for their passwords or answers to recovery questions that they can easily remember. Which school did you attend? What is your mother’s maiden name? Where were you born or married? When is your son’s or daughter’s birthday? The answers to these personal questions are often easy to find and therefore not very secure information to use for passwords or recovery questions.

With a little more knowledge about cyber security or the help of a professional, your online safety can be improved.

What Is Cyber Security?

Cyber security means doing everything possible to keep your computers, networks, mobile devices, data servers, etc. safe. Digital security, a term alternatively used for cyber security, comprises various means and measures that you can purchase or arrange yourself or that a professional security company can take care of for you.

What can you do yourself to monitor your online safety?

As described above, it is advised to limit the public information about your personal life online. Next, creating unique and strong passwords (a different password for each account!) contributes to your online safety. Purchase security software and if required software that encrypts your information before sending it. Use modern systems that you regularly update, because criminals are lightning-fast at developing new techniques.

What can a professional security company do for you?

As an experienced security and risk management organization, Infinite Risks International helps you with advice or training as well as offering our services in cyber security measures.

  • An overall IT check at home and the office: we check your e-mail, passwords, social media, devices and networks.
  • Cyber risk management: periodic check of your e-mail, passwords, social media, devices and networks.
  • Monitoring fake social media profiles and remove them if necessary.
  • Removing privacy-sensitive information from the internet and continue monitoring whether new information is added. Deleting information from the web yourself is often not easy.
  • Recommendations for social media posts to minimize both online and physical security risks and prevent reputation damage or liability issues.
  • Training that teaches you and your employees what to watch out for in order not to become victims of cybercrime.
  • Dark web scans for information about your person.
  • Investigation work in case you are threatened, extorted or stalked online.

If you are being threatened or bullied online in any way, we definitely recommend that you seek help. With thorough investigation, the sender can be unmasked. With the exposure, law enforcement agencies can take action, or you will have firm evidence for a lawsuit.

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Online security affects everyone and developments follow each other rapidly. Ask us your questions. We are here to keep you safe online.


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