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An Intelligent Approach in High Value Asset Protection Will Keep Your Valuables Safe

For a security agency, high value asset protection (or high value asset security) requires strict, discreet planning and obtaining the necessary inside information to compose an accurate risk analysis based on intelligence. Only then, the subsequent approach will keep your valuables safe. That is what Infinite Risks does. Do not settle for anything less.

In this article, discover how we operate and which assets we can protect.

Security and Protection of Your High-Value Assets

In protecting valuable assets all over the world, we work for clients directly or via insurance companies who hire us for their clients. The assets vary in value and size. You can think of precious metals, horses, jewelry, art, superyachts, collectible vehicles, and exclusive single items.

In certain circumstances, your assets may require extraordinary protection. For instance, when they are required to be shipped or moved, when they are displayed (exhibits, auctions, etc.) or when you suspect that the current location, measures or conditions pose a threat or (temporary) high(e)r risk.

Reasons for protection could include keeping your assets away from the public eye, protecting them from criminality or safeguarding them during a product launch where secrecy is key.

Our High Value Asset Protection Services

Because we take our time for the preparation and put a lot of effort into the risk analysis, we can offer our protection services in a unique way at competitive pricing. Our HVA protection approach is based on intelligence and experience gained while working for previous clients worldwide. The made-to-measure service is specifically composed to meet your requirements and may include:

About Infinite Risks

At Infinite Risks International, we protect your high value assets the Dutch way: intelligence-led and tailored solutions. We employ licensed agents who are discreet, multi-lingual, and flexible. They have experience serving a wide variety of clients from all over the globe.

We understand that you may have some questions for us about, e.g., how we go about protecting the assets you value greatly. Please feel free to reach out to us and let us explain how our approach works.


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