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UHNW Family Security; an Intelligence-Based Strategy Keeps You Safe

While being an expense for any wealthy family, UHNW family security does provide peace of mind. Some people think that ultra high-net-worth individuals and their family members aren’t happy to spend so much money on their safety. Or so much time and effort on choosing the right protection agency. In reality, feeling safe and living a ‘normal life’ is a necessity for anyone.

As an ultra high-net-worth family, however, the risks that you are a target for burglary, theft, cybercrime, and kidnap, to name a few examples, are relatively high. Wealthy families possess companies, high-value assets, expensive real estate, aircraft, etc. that attract many people. Some like to work for you. Others can only dream of a life in luxury and follow you online or in reality shows. Thankfully, only a few want to get their hands on your valuables to make a quick buck. The group of criminals is small, but it does pose a significant threat.

In this article, we demonstrate that an intelligence-based strategy works best to keep UHNW families safe. We introduce our 5-step cycle that ensures a continuous protection method, covering all risk aspects.

Understanding Threats and Risks

Ignoring signs, remaining unaware of your position, and not understanding possible risks and threats comprise the pitfall of ultra high-net-worth family members. As much as you want to live a ‘normal life’, your safety can only be kept if you comprehend the requirements to safeguard your vulnerabilities.

Your risks differ from any other family. It is subject to your high or low profile, where you reside, what business you are in, how big your family is, and, of course, how wealthy you are.


We distinguish two profile type individuals: high-profile and low-profile. athletes, actors, TV show hosts, politicians, artists, reality stars, etc. are considered to have a high-profile due to their regular appearance on TV, social media, and movies. People with a low-profile tend to stay anonymous, for instance, C-Suite level executives.

However the efforts of you screening off your visibility, others will not bother in seizing the opportunities to show how wealthy you are. You can book tours that drive through the streets where celebrities live. Paparazzi will try to capture your picture at home, during work, on holiday, or when you meet up with friends. Thanks to Forbes (and many other equivalents all over the world), the information about your wealth and assets is up for grabs.


Where you live or do business and how accessible you or your location is to others is a significant factor to consider. When you own a large remote property, you run a low risk of impulse crime. Alternatively, criminals cross borders with ease and could plan a strategic heist if they see an opportunity. Besides, you cannot keep hiding in your business building or home, so also for locations abroad, tailored security solutions are the best option.

Business, family, and friends

Besides yourself and your locations, your relations could also be a vulnerability to you. Do you really know your (new) friends and what their intentions are? Is your staff reliable and discreet? Has any family member been compromised and now exploitable to get to you?


Needless to say, the level of your wealth also plays a role in how attractive you are as a target to criminals. What possessions do you have that create a risk of theft? Jewelry, art, cars, crypto, etc.?

Five-Step UHNW Family Security Cycle

At Infinite Risks International, we have devised a five-step UHNW family security cycle that enables us to safeguard you, family members, and your assets as effectively as we can. The five steps have been tried and tested in many branches and industries, resulting in a watertight approach.

  1. Identifying vulnerabilities, risks, and threats
  2. Assessment of found vulnerabilities, risks and threats
  3. Prioritizing and planning the best possible strategy
  4. Implementing systems, measures, and security staff 
  5. Auditing and improving systems, measures and security staff periodically and in the case of a change

During this cycle, we focus on five factors to offer a complete approach:

  • Systems: what technological measures and systems are in place, and what requires alteration or update? Think of alarm systems, fencing, CCTV systems, IT systems, GPS tracking devices, etc.
  • Staff: who works in what capacity and who forms a liability to you or your family members? We can inspect staff, check backgrounds or train personnel in security awareness.
  • Daily routine: how vulnerable, predictable, and accessible are your daily patterns? With advice and covert protection you can alter your day-to-day routine and decrease your risks.
  • (Protective) surveillance: by physically and digitally keeping an eye on suspicious situations and persons, we can uncover and de-escalate any imminent threats.
  • Security: physical security in the form of residential security at your home, personal protection on holiday, or during a business trip.

We Can Help You Setup an UHNW Family Security Program

Security measures come in many forms and shapes. Hiring a bodyguard or installing systems does not imply you have to change your life or that your privacy will be invaded.

We have found a way to serve private clients and family offices under various circumstances, and we can help you with any security issue you may have, from executive protection and secure transportation to travel risk management.

Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have about family protection by contacting us here or via phone +31(0)20-3011395.


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