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Covert Executive Protection or Protective Surveillance

Covert executive protection is one of the specialized protective services Infinite Risks International offers. What covert means to us is that we do everything we can to keep you safe without being noticed and stay out of your way as best we can.

Covert protection or protective surveillance renders a few advantages:

  • More freedom of movement
  • The outside world will not notice your covert protection officers
  • We recognize irregularities faster and can counter the possible attackers more easily
  • A covert team can be an additional layer of protection on your current security team and can, in some cases, act as a Counter Attack Team (CAT)
  • It is an ideal solution for (young) family members or friends that are reluctant to accept a security presence

Low Profile Protection vs Covert Protection

Depending on your requirements and the risk assessment, we are also able to provide low profile close protection. Low profile close protection is not covert but can be very effective in some cases. During low profile close protection operations our officers will blend in the environment as good as possible but they always remain within arm’s reach of the client. A covert protection team would be a perfect addition to a low profile close protection team.

Covert Executive Protection Officers

For covert VIP security or the protection of business leaders, (Ultra) High-Net-Worth Individuals, royalty and their families, or a celebrity, our team operates similar to our bodyguard services. We survey your requirements, assess the risks and plan. Subsequently, we will brief you about our methods. Possessing both a high IQ and EQ, being trauma medical trained, multilingual and having both commercial and government experience, our personal protection officers can be appointed for your protection anywhere around the world.

Counter Surveillance & Surveillance Detection

Do you have an indication of being followed or being the subject of a possible attack or kidnapping? Our counter surveillance officers, serving as an additional element, can be of service in two steps.

First, to purposefully identify a hostile surveillance team observing you or your family in, for example, your residence, business premises or in public places during their preparatory phase. We call this counter surveillance or surveillance detection. Second, once the identification is a fact, we are able to send a  covert surveillance team to conduct surveillance on the hostile element. The main goal here is to gather intelligence on who your observers are, what vehicle they are using and what their motives may be. Being well-informed and averting a possible attack may just save your life.

For more information on our professional covert executive protection service, we invite you to contact us at your earliest convenience.


Before you ask

Covert executive protection provided by Infinite Risks International focuses on keeping clients safe without drawing attention to their security detail. This approach allows for greater freedom of movement and minimizes the visibility of protection officers. In contrast, low profile protection involves blending into the environment while remaining within arm’s reach of the client. Both methods are effective, and the choice depends on the client’s requirements and risk assessment.

Covert executive protection offers several advantages, including:

  • More freedom of movement for the client
  • Unobtrusive security presence, minimizing attention from the outside world
  • Faster recognition of irregularities and potential threats, allowing for easier countermeasures
  • Covert teams can complement existing security teams and may act as a Counter Attack Team (CAT) if needed
  • Ideal for family members or individuals who prefer discreet protection without a visible security presence

If you suspect you are being followed or targeted for an attack or kidnapping, our counter surveillance officers can assist you. First, they identify any hostile surveillance teams observing you or your family. Once identified, a covert surveillance team is deployed to gather intelligence on the observers, including their identities, vehicles, and motives. This information allows us to take proactive measures to mitigate potential threats and ensure your safety.


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