What makes our security service different

Our Dutch roots make our security service stand out from other companies. In normal life, the Dutch bluntness is not always appreciated. Yet, glancing at history, it is one of the traits that brought our small nation huge successes. In the 17th-century, our forefathers sailed the seas and traveled the world in search of business opportunities. With their perseverance, willpower, and realistic way of life, they succeeded and made our capital Amsterdam a city of opulence. 

That basic mentality can still be found in many Dutch people. It is a quality we look for when recruiting our security officers from former elite military, police and intelligence services. Among our staff, you can also find US and British licensed operators.

Infinite Risks security service advantages

Besides our down-to-earth mentality, the Dutch possess a tall posture and our nation ranks among the healthiest countries. Our licensed officers travel around the globe effortlessly thanks to the lenient visa credentials and our central location in Europe. 

Aside from being an excellent transport hub, Amsterdam is the home to over 170 nationalities, making it the most diverse capital in the world. Cultural awareness is not only manifested in our social ability, but it also provides multilingual officers.

We gladly share our knowledge and experience to keep you, your family, business and assets safe. Wherever you are around the world. We invite you to browse our website for our distinctive services. If you require any further information or have a question for us, we look forward to helping you out. Please contact us at your earliest convenience.



We know your situation is unlike any other. We listen, assess and anticipate to keep you and your assets safe.



Our certified officers all have the Dutch mentality making them discreet, down-to-earth, realistic and cooperative.



We protect and advise you wherever you are. Our expert teams serve clients in over 50 countries in any circumstance.

We did an adhoc request for diplomatic security services. Within 4 days, a security system was implemented and your sophisticated and kind close protection officers provided a very well organized service.
Finding a reliable security partner that offers secure transportation and executive protection officers in multiple countries has always been a big challenge to us. Infinite Risks understands what matters and offers a high-end service with great Dutch officers.
Fortune 500 Company 
I requested a covert close protection service for my son while he was on holiday in Europe. Infinite Risks provided a stress-free service and peace of mind during this period.
Mr. K - USA  

International Services

Our global security agency is experienced in the protection of assets, media teams, diplomats, royal families, celebrities and (U)HNWI in 50+ countries.