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International Private Investigations beyond Borders

​With international private investigations, Infinite Risks International can assess your risks, provide customized advice, and draw up a tailored plan for adequate protection. This may come across as a broad concept, but preliminary work takes up an increasingly important part of our protection services.

We have been operating internationally for many years. During that time, we found that our clients’ requests have changed from merely providing various protection services to a more tailored, flexible, and scalable service. Borders no longer form boundaries for business, travel, and leisure, especially with the increasing online opportunities. Threats no longer emanate from a person’s or company’s inner circle only or from an assumed direction, but they can also lurk from the unexpected. This calls for nimble investigation services with a significant role for the preparatory phase. Private investigations is a service dedicated to this preliminary phase.

International Private Investigations for Companies, Individuals and Governments

The word ‘private’ in private investigator refers to the way we work, which is confidential, discreet, and loyal. Infinite Risks International offers investigative services to companies and individuals.


For companies, from SME’s to multinationals, we employ our intelligence knowledge and experience to help with a wide variety of issues. Think of background checks for staff and applicants, blackmail and threat investigations, due diligence for (hostile) take-overs and mergers, tracking stolen assets, fraud investigation, etc.


Individuals usually seek assistance for personal related issues. Think of kidnap threats, blackmail or extortion, a missing person investigation, or infidelity. We understand these cases have a huge emotional impact on you and your family. If there is one category where discretion and prudence are key, it is with every international investigation for individuals, especially where children are involved.


Serving governments is a different matter. Issues commonly involve complicated and contradicting legislation with a conflicting interest to local, regional, or even national citizens. Think of fraud, embezzlements, cover-ups, and lobbying for the ‘wrong’ cause. Deeply rooted diplomacy, red tape, and conspiracy are factors to consider.

Combining Methods and Skills as a Private Detective Agency

Our methods include a.o., tracing, uncovering and verifying information, tracking objects and persons, covert surveillance, conducting interviews, and surveys. Offline and online, tactical, intelligence, and technical skills are blended, never overstepping legal boundaries. We have been relying on trusted partners all over the world in our many successful cases.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our international private investigators or to ask about our experience and reference cases.


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International private investigations assess risks, provide customized advice, and create tailored protection plans for individuals, companies, and governments.

Companies benefit from services like background checks, blackmail and threat investigations, due diligence, asset tracking, and fraud investigations.

Private investigators use tracing, information verification, tracking, covert surveillance, interviews, and surveys, combining online and offline skills within legal boundaries.


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