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Counter Surveillance as a Precautionary Measure

Counter surveillance can be considered a precautionary measure. It serves two purposes. The first is to protect yourself or your company by identifying potential risks and threats. By extension, the second is that surveillance counter measures can prevent you from installing superfluous or inadequate protection measures.

If you have the feeling of being followed, how do people know where you go? Can they track your movements? Have you discovered that private or company-sensitive information comes back to you from an unexpected direction? Could your premises be bugged, or does a staff member listen in on your conversations? Is your computer system secure enough to keep off criminals or competitors? We can help you answer these questions.

We work for organizations (companies, NGOs, government bodies, etc.) and individuals (performing artists, UHNWI, etc.) around the globe.

Counter Surveillance Tactics

To find out if and in which way you are being exposed to threats, we discern several CS tactics. Depending on your situation, one method could help you with a pending problem, or a combination of services can grow awareness for you and your staff.

Technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM)

Technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) focuses on digital equipment. The objective is to find out whether your systems are tampered with. We can also use our equipment to detect hidden devices (hidden cameras, listening devices, GPS trackers):

  • Radiofrequency (RF) search and analog transmitter search
  • Electronic investigation of office, boardroom, home and cars for eavesdropping devices like; microphones, recorders, and transmitters (walls, floors, furniture, and objects)
  • Physical examination of your premises (air conditioning systems, heat pipes, ventilation systems, and sewers) to check for places where people can hide
  • Investigate your physical security staff for unauthorized access to eavesdrop or place surveillance devices
  • Research with a wireless or thermal camera
  • Testing internal cable systems (mains, telephone system, etc.)
  • Technical surveillance counter measures on wifi and fixed telephone lines
  • Technical surveillance counter measures on malware and spyware on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Physical counter surveillance

With physical counter surveillance operations, our staff members will prepare and conduct covert surveillance and surveillance detection operations. These operations are conducted to purposefully identify a hostile surveillance team observing you, your business or your family during their preparatory phase. Once the identification of the hostile surveillance team is a fact, we are able to send a  covert surveillance team to conduct surveillance on them. The main goal here is to gather intelligence on who your observers are and what their motives may be.

Suspicion or Growing Awareness

If you have a suspicion that something is wrong, it’s worth looking into it to prevent damage to people, assets, and your personal or business reputation. Even during a smooth sailing period, it could be wise to periodically test your systems and staff members and grow awareness for everyone’s safety.

Counter surveillance will provide you with insight into adequate security measures and make you feel safe concentrating on your work or private life. Discover how we can help you by contacting us today.


Before you ask

CS identifies potential risks and threats to protect you or your company, preventing unnecessary security measures.

TSCM detects tampered digital systems and hidden devices like cameras, microphones, and GPS trackers to ensure your safety.

Physical CS identifies hostile surveillance teams, gathers information on their identity and motives, and protects your business and/or family.


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