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Diplomatic Protection Services for Embassies and Consulates

Diplomatic protection service comprises all the security services imaginable to protect diplomats, consulates, ambassadors including their families, residences and governmental buildings anywhere in the world.

Why Does a Diplomat Require Specialist Protection?

As long as we have to deal with the challenges in the world due to the difference in religion, poverty, corruption, human rights, etc., we need to keep each other safe. As diplomats, representing your country overseas, you may encounter a hostile atmosphere in the country you (temporarily) live in. Especially if you represent your government which is engaged in military operations or in a region where activist groups try to draw attention to their cause through violence.

In some cases, when embassy or consulate staff are not in conflict with the government of the country they live in, they may still be exposed to threats from non-governmental terrorist groups. These threats may include kidnapping or terrorist attacks, for instance. Unfortunately, this leads to increased attention for the protection of and security measures for diplomats around the world.

Diplomatic Protection Services

Among the services to keep embassies and consulates safe are:

Why Choose a Specialized Diplomatic Protection Agent?

A diplomatic protection agent working for Infinite Risks International is specialized and experienced in working for diplomats, embassies and consulates. Their former military and/or law enforcement education include being trained in close protection, counter-intelligence, counter-terrorism, medical (trauma) and life-saving skills. This enables them to work worldwide, in both in Western countries as well as in remote, dangerous areas, including war zones.

Licensed Diplomatic Protection Officers in The Hague, The Netherlands or Any Other Country

Infinite Risks is a professional protection agency based in the Netherlands. With the International Criminal Court in the Hague, we are experienced in assisting international clients. We offer our diplomatic protective services in the Netherlands as well as other countries all over the world and assign licensed bodyguards, security drivers or security risk management consultants only, who are both armed and unarmed.

We welcome you to contact us about our diplomatic security services and to find out what we can do to protect your consulate, embassy, family and staff.


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