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Safe Traveling with Travel Security

Travel security for one person is different than the other. If you are a C-suite level executive, ambassador or UHNWI, you may require a personal protection officer to prepare your travel arrangements. Alternatively, if you are a media team or work for an NGO planning to visit an unsafe country with a travel warning, you may require advice on the region, health-related travel safety tips or a security adviser on location.

At Infinite Risks International, we offer a wide variety of security and consultancy services for many countries in the world:

  • Safety assessments extending from evaluation of political climates to hotel safety and medical facilities
  • Country risk reports
  • Journey management
  • Meet & greet services globally
  • Preparations for travel ranging from arranging visa to booking safe airline tickets, hotels, private apartments and safety equipment

Whether you want to visit a business hub on the other side of the globe or need to cover the developments in a war zone as a journalist, include Infinite Risks International in your international travel plans. Assistance from an experienced security company for a well-throughout strategy and dito plan of action will keep you and your family (or employees) safe until returning home. We look forward to helping you mitigate your travel risks. Please contact us for more information about intelligence, corporate travel security services or threat monitoring solutions.


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Infinite Risks International provides its travelers with a full range of safety services. It customizes comprehensive services for top C-suite level executives, envoys, UHNWI, media teams, and NGO workers. We offer safety assessments tailored to the need. Our services include country risk reports, journey management, and meet-and-greet services. We handle travel preparations like visa arrangements, secure airline tickets, hotels, and safety equipment. Our services also include GPS tracking, 24/7 emergency response operations, and local bodyguards. We provide safe ground transport, remote medicine service, and police and military escorts. We offer travel security awareness training, hostile environment awareness training, travel bodyguards, and emergency evacuation with repatriation.

For travelers to high-risk destinations, the company offers personalized services including deep and meticulous safety reviews, political environment evaluation, hotel and medical facility inspection, country risk assessment, and local intelligence. On-location assistance includes local close protection professionals, armored vehicles, remote medical support, and police or military support. Our training in travel safety awareness and hostile environment prepares the traveler for the nature of the threats they are likely to face in transit.

On this note, adding Infinite Risks International to your travel plan makes your strategy well thought out. We provide an action plan for protecting your family or employees. With our extensive experience in travel security, we offer tailor-made solutions for business hubs and general event coverage in conflict zones. This is how we secure your people, from travel preparation and ground management to emergency response.


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