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Finding Missing Persons calls for a Confidential Approach

There are a few institutions that can help you with finding missing persons. One of them is the police, and the other is an independent professional company such as Infinite Risks International. Who you ask for help depends on the situation and your relationship with the missing person. Also, our methods of how to find missing persons differ.

Police Assistance

When loved ones disappear without a trace, contacting the police immediately, to file a missing person report, is crucial. They will act immediately and open a case. That does not mean the police will instantly round up a search party to start looking. They dedicate the first hour or so to register all the relevant information you can give and assess the situation. The approach to finding a missing person depends on the motives. With a missing child, the procedure differs from when an adult goes missing.

Law enforcement considers a person missing and takes action when:

  • A person is missing from his or her habitual and considered safe environment
  • The current whereabouts of a person is unknown
  • The absence differs from normal behavior
  • It is in the missing person’s interest to find him or her

The detailed steps taken may vary slightly per country, but the procedure generally includes searching the home, school, and workplace, checking hospitals, close friends and monitoring social media. An example of such an investigation process can be found on the Australian Government website ‘Missing Persons’ . Sometimes special units are included, such as dedicated intelligence, social services, or Interpol.

Independent finding Missing Persons Investigation

Whether someone is considered missing subjects strongly to the person himself and the circumstances. For adults, the unusualness of their absence and the potential risk they run signify the need to investigate the matter. In other words, persons who become crime victims or seek solitude have a different motive than persons who run from responsibilities. In this last case, you can think of parents avoiding alimony or child support, parents kidnapping children, criminals who evade justice or tax authorities, and fraudulent business partners.

Sometimes, the help of police organizations takes too long, or they have no further reasons to proceed with the case. If you require help to locate someone, consider our assistance.

How to find a Missing Person

As an international private investigator, we can also assist with finding missing persons, either to recover them from unsafe situations or to unmask them. We use our intelligence and investigative expertise to find out where people are and how we can safeguard or expose them. We have the resources to search in ways a layperson cannot, e.g., accessing disclosed files, cellphone tracking, OSINT, social media monitoring, profiling, surveys, covert surveillance, and infiltration. Infinite Risks International understands what to look out for, when to act, and when to lay low.

We offer Help finding a Missing Person

We understand missing a person or searching for someone who can harm you can be very emotional for you, whether it concerns a loved one you miss or a person who owes you money. Feel free to contact us and introduce your case to us. During a confidential conversation, we can advise you on the best approach to hire a private investigator to track down a missing person. 


Before you ask

Contact the police immediately to file a missing person report. Provide all relevant information to help them assess the situation.

Police consider a person missing if they are absent from a safe environment, their whereabouts are unknown, and their absence is unusual.

We use advanced investigative techniques, such as cellphone tracking and social media monitoring, to locate and safeguard or expose missing persons.


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