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Penetration Testing for Operational and Cyber Security

Penetration testing is an active, physical test (red teaming) or cyber security test. Both differ from a security audit which only reveals any possible vulnerabilities. With a penetration test (also referred to as pen testing or pentest), our staff actively act as intruders.

Depending on your motives to conduct a penetration test, we deliberately try to break your systems. For example, with all pending security measures in operation, we try to access your private or business buildings. We can test your present security officers or try to break through to a celebrity or VIP during an event. Alternatively, pen testing can be applied to cyber security as well.

The Advantages of Penetration Testing:

  • Exposure of vulnerabilities in your current security systems
  • After a breach, you can measure the response time of your staff and/or digital systems
  • You can increase security measures before people with bad intentions can do any harm (both for technical systems and computer systems)
  • You will have a better understanding of criminal ‘innovations’ worldwide
  • Continuous monitoring of security systems safeguards stakeholders’ trust

Please contact us for a standard penetration test or one that is fully tailored to your situation.


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Penetration testing actively assesses operational and cyber security by simulating intruder attacks to expose vulnerabilities.


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