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Private Residential Security Services

Keep your most important valuables safe with sophisticated residential security. We help you protect your family at all times, safeguard your premises, the residence, and other possessions. Some families require fulltime protection, others only during events or short periods of temporarily raised risks. Whatever the case, Infinite Risks International understands that for some, security is a part of life and that’s why we only employ screened, trustworthy and service minded security professionals.

Rings of Protection

With a sophisticated approach, Infinite Risks International assesses your situation and plans for rings of protection. This means we look beyond advising you to install high-quality alarm and camera systems for the outer ring. For the middle ring, for instance, we inspect the current locks, and access to your home. We also want to know who has access to your home and at what times the staff, friends, and family are expected. Last, but not least, we focus on the inner ring. This includes emergency (medical) response and other forms of technology, such as a CCTV system or panic/ safe-room, as well as an evaluation of how your valuable possessions inside the residence can best be protected.

The rings of protection applies to technical systems, close protection or residential security officers, and the course of action during your daily life.

Residential Security Keeps You and Your Family safe 

Infinite Risks home security services may include

  • Risk assessments
  • Technical security systems 
  • Safety training for staff and/or residents
  • Temporary bodyguards and protective surveillance
  • Residential security officers
  • Asset protection
  • 24/7 emergency medical response
  • Keyholding
  • Holiday security & residence maintenance service 
  • Pre-employment screening for staff and new (business) relations
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

We are aware that your situation is like no other. A personal approach is always the safest. We invite you to reach out to us to find out how we can help you keep your family safe.


Before you ask

Infinite Risks International provides a comprehensive range of residential security services designed to protect your family, home, and valuable possessions. Our services include risk assessments, technical security systems, safety training for staff and residents, temporary bodyguards, protective surveillance, residential security officers, asset protection, 24/7 emergency medical response, keyholding, holiday security, residence maintenance, pre-employment screening, and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM).

The “rings of protection” approach involves creating multiple layers of security to safeguard your residence. This includes:

  • Outer Ring: High-quality alarm and camera systems.
  • Middle Ring: Inspection of locks, access points, and control of who has access to your home.
  • Inner Ring: Emergency response, technology such as CCTV systems and panic/safe-rooms, and protection of valuable possessions inside the residence

This multi-layered strategy ensures comprehensive protection by addressing various security aspects from the perimeter to the core of your home.

Infinite Risks International recognizes that each family’s security needs are unique. We start by assessing your specific situation and requirements to develop a customized security plan. This personal approach ensures that the security measures implemented are effective and suited to your lifestyle. Whether you need full-time protection, temporary security during events, or heightened security during periods of increased risk, we provide tailored solutions to keep you and your family safe. Contact us to learn more about our personalized residential security services.


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