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Yacht Event Security Services for Public and Private Events

Yacht events call for specialized security measures and systems. Depending on the dimension and circumstances of the event, yacht event security services may include personal protection, asset protection, and crowd management.

We discern two types of yacht events:

Shows, regattas, symposiums and summits

These events can be open to the public or ticket holders. Some are held yearly, while others reoccur every other few years. Examples include:

  • Sail Amsterdam. In 1975 Amsterdam celebrated its 700th anniversary. The city wanted to commemorate this milestone. It invited tall ships from all over the world to its harbor and waterways for the public to see. Since the success of the first edition, every five years, Sail Amsterdam reoccurs. The many tall ships attract visitors from all over the globe, arriving by boat or by land.
  • Monaco Yacht Show. Monaco’s famous international superyacht show is a yearly event of exhibitions, award ceremonies, and showcases. Prince Albert II of Monaco is its patron. The event attracts over 30.000 VIPs, royalty, and UHNWIs. Other events for (super) yacht are listed on the website of SuperYacht Times.
  • Olympics, World Championships, ocean cups, and regattas engage all sorts of spectators from all over the world. Sailing.org keeps track of all these sailing events.

The objective to hire yacht event security may vary from keeping the public at a safe distance from valuable yachts (for exhibitors and yacht owners) to managing the safety of clients and/or visitors.

Private yacht events

Private yacht events include celebrations such as a birthday party on a yacht, a wedding, a holiday, or a private dinner on a yacht. Luxury yachts for rent during your holiday or private event can be found in all popular yachting locations of the world.

The advantage of such an event lies in its exclusivity. However, it may also attract the interest of unwelcome guests. The objective of hiring security in this situation always focuses on personal protection, whether this concerns a couple or a group of over 100 people.

Customized Yacht Security Is the Only Way to Keep You Safe

Whether your event stays close to shore or sets sail to open sea, a customized protection plan is the only way we can safeguard you and your assets. Every public event attracts its own audience, and every private event involves its own risks. That is why a customized protection plan is key.

Yacht security always begins with a voyage and/or port assessment. This is the starting point for the measures and systems we advise you to include. Next, your personal plan may include:

  • (Maritime) intelligence; after analyzing your risks, we may feel the need to investigate circumstances or persons related to your sailing trip or event further.
  • On-board bodyguards, remote medics or armed maritime security teams.
  • Meet & greet services globally.
  • Travel security; we can arrange safe transportation or accompany you personally to or from a port or your yacht.
  • Crisis management & emergency response; in the case of an emergency in a port or at sea. We can guide you from a distance, arrange logistics with one of our global partners or travel to your location instantly.
  • Crowd management and all-round event security.
  • Penetration testing; preventing unwelcome guests from accessing your yacht, venue, or event area.
  • Consultancy on technical security measures

Last but not least, we can help you and your crew with:

Our Global Network

Our network stretches to the far corners of the world. Based in a sea-faring nation having concurred the ocean for centuries, we understand what it takes to keep crews and passengers safe. We can combine that with our experience of special event security, resulting in an extensive set of services to support the event organization and its visitors safe at all times.

Feel free to contact us with your questions about yacht event security services. We look forward to sharing details about our experience with you.


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