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Covert Surveillance for Protection or Private Investigations

Covert surveillance can be an effective method in itself to protect you or to detect suspicious activity. The observation is done secretively or hidden. Suppose you feel threatened, and you want us to find out who is behind it. We have a few covert surveillance techniques that will not expose our presence or the fact that you are solving your problem.

Surveillance operations can also be used as part of private investigations, finding missing persons, or asset recovery. In this case, your safety is not the objective but gathering information is. There are a few benefits to this method.

Covert Surveillance, Intelligence or Investigations

Covert can mean multiple things. For one, in protection mode, it can mean that we assume a role as part of your team (business team or household staff) to investigate possible threats. The strength is that we keep a low-profile and infiltrate a system. This way, we can survey and monitor from the inside.

Alternatively, working covertly can also imply assuming an alias to contact a suspect outside your office or household. This way, we can interview a person, someone from their environment, or track someone’s daily pattern.

Covert surveillance can also be done from a distance, in a vehicle, online, or with surveillance equipment such as (hidden) camera systems. Sensitive (confidential) situations or high-risk circumstances require covert operations that in no way cause any suspicions to succeed. Infinite Risks International conducts a comprehensive assessment, which results in a professional approach. After obtaining the requested information, we will discuss our findings and advise you on subsequent steps to keep you safe or solve your problems.

Executive Service

This type of intelligence gathering and investigation is applied to both individuals and organizations under specific circumstances. Infinite Risks International employs specialized officers who understand what is lawfully permitted and what not. Our staff are all former government operatives from specialist (military) police and intelligence units. In addition to a security and law enforcement background, we only employ highly experienced surveillance officers and certified private investigators for this line of work.

There are many example cases we can share with you. Let us know your requirements and feel free to contact us to find out more about our covert surveillance services.


Before you ask

Covert surveillance involves secretive observation to protect you or detect suspicious activity without exposing our presence.

Covert surveillance is used in private investigations, during threats, stalking cases, finding missing persons and asset recovery to gather information discreetly.

Specialized officers, former government operatives from (military) police and intelligence units, and certified private investigators conduct our covert surveillance operations.


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