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Afraid of an Abduction? Kidnap and Ransom Response Services Can Help You

Are you thinking of turning the risk of kidnap a blind eye? Think again. Especially if you belong to the target groups of a.o., UHNWIs, diplomats, multinational CEOs or world travelers. Being kidnapped is not only restricted the rich and famous, but it could happen to anyone being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

To criminals, organized in small or large groups, kidnapping can be a lucrative source of income. In this article, you will discover the types of kidnapping and why you may even run a risk. Also, learn about what you can do to prevent it and, once a dramatic situation has taken place, how kidnap and ransom response services can help you.

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance: Sensible or Not?

Did you know you can take out insurance against kidnap? This phenomenon originated in the 30s, yet demand grew only in the 60s. The insurance covered the ransom sum in case someone was kidnapped. Everyone taking out such insurance had to keep it silent because if kidnappers knew it, they would ask for higher amounts of money. Also, no sum was paid upfront. The family of the hostage needed to find their way to raise the money for ransom first. Only after the ransom payment, the insurance would refund the sum.

In the beginning, negotiating with the kidnappers was also the responsibility of the family. In the 70s, the first insurance companies included that service, which was commonly executed by former police and military staff. Their wages were included in the insurance as well. Later on, preventive training for target groups and their families was offered. People were instructed on how to reduce the risk of kidnap and how to act in the case of a kidnap situation.

Today, the majority of multinational companies have taken out some sort of kidnap insurance. However, you could also argue against it for the reason that it is precisely the insurance that ensures kidnappers a sum will and can be paid.

Legislation for Negotations During a Kidnap and Ransom Response

Kidnap is a serious problem that occurs all over the world. The different cultures in various countries have resulted in contrasting approaches for resolving kidnaps, ranging from full payment to no concession at all. Some countries even passed laws for (Spain) or against (Italy) paying a ransom.

In countries where legislation forbids to pay a ransom, even if a family has the sum available, you are committing a crime if you do pay. This results in the government being required to stop any ongoing negotiations, leaving families to turn to professional kidnap and ransom response companies to help them out.

Terrorists or Criminals

The attack on the Twin Towers in September 2011 changed the discussion from whether or not to pay ransom into paying or not ánd to whom. From that moment, criminal groups were distinguished from terrorist groups. And, from that moment, government intelligence agencies as well as commercial security companies played a new and difficult role in keeping citizens safe from attackers with an entirely different incentive. The difference between the two negotiating parties is that professional kidnap and ransom response companies can sometimes outstep boundaries that a government cannot.

What Can You Do to Prevent Kidnapping?

First of all, information is key for anyone who is being perceived as powerful or wealthy by the public. Make sure you are surrounded by staff and consultants who are reliable and have a track record. Ask your staff or a protection agency to verify the identity of all the people you encounter, whether this concerns new staff, business relations or new acquaintances.

If you have probable cause to believe the threat of kidnapping applies to you, the slightest bit of information can make all the difference. Make sure your files on a certain area, certain people or groups are as complete as possible. This will enable (corporate) intelligence services to conduct a risk assessment more quickly and accurately.

Contact your protection agency for training to protect yourself. A professional company can teach you how to take measures to avoid a kidnap, how to conduct yourself if an incident happens and how to survive during an actual kidnapping.

How Can Our Kidnap and Ransom Response Services Benefit You?

Infinite Risks International is a global operating company offering a wide variety of protection services. Our staff are all former military, intelligence or police officers. They have a vast experience working on kidnap and ransom cases for many years.

We distinguish the following types of kidnapping:

  • Kidnap for ransom by criminals
  • Kidnap by terrorists for ideological or political reasons
  • Child abduction (internationally) by parents
  • Express kidnapping of tourists by criminals (for quick cash)
  • Online scamming and kidnapping
  • Piracy and kidnapping

In a structured way, we investigate your security situation meticulously to ascertain an effective approach. Our proactive and reactive methods include the following:

  • Risk assessments: our company offers consultancy services or a personal consultant who is available to you anywhere in the world.
  • Travel risk management: as a security consultancy agency, we can help you setting up your travel risk management program.
  • Travel safety training: during this training, we will, a.o., raise your awareness of how to detect possible threats, how to conduct yourself in case of an emergency and how to survive after you have been captured.
  • Travel security: at Infinite Risks International, we offer a wide variety of security services for many countries in the world.
  • Crisis management: in the rare occasion of a crisis, an emergency response team can provide consultation or come to your rescue.
  • Support during negotiations: a designated specialist offers support and expert advice during negotiations with the kidnappers.
  • Coordination with local authorities.
  • Logistical support for the delivery of ransom payments and repatriation.
  • Family assistance.

Share Your Concern

If you feel the need to talk to a professional agency about your concern for kidnapping, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. Also, if you require further information about our kidnap and ransom response services, please reach out to us.


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