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Do You Need Bodyguard Services in Madrid?

Planning a city trip starts with investigating. Most people start by looking into what a city has to offer. Where can you stay, and what can you do or visit? For some, just booking a plane or train ticket or starting the car engine and driving off is all it takes. Others need to do a little more research. For Madrid, the Spanish capital, this means checking how to get from the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport to the city center. Or from the Atocha train station to your hotel. There are many things you can do online. You can book tickets to the famous Del Prado museum and browse through restaurant reviews to make reservations for a promising culinary treat. But do you need bodyguard services in Madrid?

Prepare By Investigating Online

We advise you to also enter the query in Google “Areas to avoid in Madrid”. You can choose from several travel blogs that will give you an insight into which neighborhoods to stay away from. Benefit from these locals or frequent travelers who share their global and local knowledge with you.

Based on our extensive experience, we can say that Madrid is a safe city to visit.

Another query to enter the search engine is “Is Madrid safe?” The results will include websites offering tips and suggestions about staying safe while exploring the city. As with any major city or other European cities, tourist attractions are prone to attracting petty crime offenders. So, pay attention to personal safety. Always keep an eye on your belongings, do not flash your valuables, and be suspicious of so-called kindness. Distracting tourists after scamming them is a daily practice in every city around the globe.

Executive Protection Services for High-Profile Visitors

But what if you and your family or your business team require privacy? Or if you need special medical care?

As a private security company, we serve clients from all over the world. This includes people who prefer keeping things low-key due to fame or status. Think of celebrities, politicians, athletes, diplomatsRoyals and UHNWIs.

If you are such a person, you want to know what neighborhoods in Madrid are safe to drive through or visit. Where can you find a hotel that offers complete privacy? How do you stay unnoticed by the public while getting from one part of the city to another without using public transportation or a taxi? And when can you visit a museum without drawing too much attention from a crowd?

The close protection operatives of Infinite Risks can handle all of this and more, throughout Spain. Having a security presence in European cities is always the safest play.

Professional Close Protection Services

The Infinite Risks bodyguard team assists VIPs with high-profile or valuable assets in Madrid. We can provide safety tips or help prepare for your trip by arranging secure transportation services, including a security driver as soon as you arrive at the airport, on the way to your hotel, and during your entire stay. If you take your own car and reside in a private accommodation, we can plan to protect your assets with our residential security teams.

You can hire our security company to provide close protection services for a short period of time at hourly rates for a full package of security services. In addition to the regular security services, we offer extra services such as personal assistance, including making reservations and running errands.

Our highly trained close protection officers have in-depth knowledge of the city and the region. They care for your safety and will provide peace of mind by offering the highest level of security.

Feel free to share your travel plans to Madrid with us. We look forward to helping you out. If you have any questions about our VIP security solutions, security chauffeur or bodyguard services in Spain, please contact us for more information.


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