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International Private Security for Personal Protection Around the Globe

People searching for international private security companies are usually wealthy individuals, celebrities, diplomats, captains of industry and journalists. What they seek is a tailored international protective service provider in personal security so they can reach their goals without any fear of potential risks hindering them.

They often understand that their status or high profile may affect the job that needs to be done or where they travel to, yet it’s hard to grasp the risk level and its impact on their lives. You may recognize this.

There are security agencies (bodyguards) to protect you, cybercrime specialists to keep your IT systems safe, and state-of-the-art security systems to keep intruders away from your estate or work location. However, only some companies are capable of understanding the bigger picture, especially in the case of international travel or business.

So, what is the best approach to international private security? What aspects do international security companies need to consider? And how can you determine if the company is a match for you?

Discover the answers to these questions in this article.

What Is International Private Security?

Security is a catch-all term for being free from danger, financial risks, care, anxiety, fear, threats, etc. It concerns not only physical safety but also digital and reputational. And that is exactly where the problem lies when approaching security issues from a singular point of view only, for instance, by offering security guard services. Generally, the approach of these companies is too narrow.

Because the protection approach becomes even more multifaceted and complex when security issues cross international borders. It requires private security companies to have knowledge of how to collaborate with other nations and international organizations and understand that security may encompass governmental (police, military defense, marine, etc.) as well as economic, political, social, environmental, and technological protection.

Private Security Around the World

The comprehension of ‘private security’ can differ from country to country due to differences in legislation, political status, cultural norms, economic conditions and climate. Some countries are safer than others, and not every hostile environment may be similar to others.

The Global Peace Index may give you an idea of how safe a country is. Each country is assessed based on ten indicators: crime rates, international relations and political climate.

Every country may provide a different level and quality of private security, which makes it challenging to meet your specific security needs. We advise you to opt for an internationally operating protection company that understands the complexity of safety in a multitude of situations and offers services that cross borders.

What International Security Solutions Can Infinite Risks Offer You?

As an international private security company with clients all over the world and a vast network of vetted global partners, we emphasize that every successful operation starts with a profound comprehension of a client’s situation, followed by an extensive risk assessment. Analyzing relevant details and evaluating security risks is the only way to discern what you actually need. This is the starting point of providing appropriate services to keep you safe and enable you to reach your goals.

Depending on your personal situation, we can include specialized services such as the following:


If you travel a lot, our intelligence security team can assess the risk level you run for each destination and unique situation. For instance, we can conduct international private investigations into companies (business investigations) and individuals (background screening) or provide a comprehensive security report on the regional specific travel risks.

Discover the overview of a wide range of intelligence and risk advisory services we offer.

Protective services

Alternatively, we also offer hands-on personal protection in the form of bodyguardssecure transportationevent securityfamily securitymedia team protection, and more. Our armed and unarmed personal security personnel are highly experienced and trained. They travel abroad most of the year and are very experienced travel bodyguards.

Critical security

Crisis management and emergency response offer you support in dire situations. Think of natural disasters, when you are the victim of a crime, during political crises, accidents, or when you are injured abroad.

Who Do Our VIP Security Officers Work for?

No situation is the same. Even if we protect two HNWI families in the same country, their needs and wishes may differ significantly. That is why we assess your circumstances with great care, leaving nothing to chance. We deliver tailored international executive protection services to create and maintain peace of mind for our clients.

We have a track record working for VIP clients, such as:

More Information About International Private Security

If you want to find out if private security companies understand your situation and can help you with a tailored approach to security services, ask them some goal-oriented questions, like in which countries they operate and whether they can share some example client cases.

In our blog about international executive protection, you can find the advantages of hiring a company with a team of professionals offering international bodyguard services.

Our security firm is one of the best international travel security companies in the world. Benefit from our dedicated team of executive security agents with global experience in unarmed protection. Please feel free to contact us today for more information on how we can help you with international private security.


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