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Corporate Event Security Prevents Problems

Today, corporate events are not restricted to in-company celebrations, conferences, seminars or trade shows. The creativity of event management companies has no limits. So team-building, executive / board of directors retreats, business relation dinners, product launches, shareholder meetings, corporate charity events, etc. are being organized for people to learn, achieve goals and have a good time. For most corporate events applies that organizing and safeguarding people and assets has become a customized affair. In some cases, security requires meticulous planning and close cooperation between corporate event security companies, event managers and crowd management specialists.

Due to insurance and liability restrictions, event protection could be a requirement. Experienced and professional security guards, close protection officers and event security managers can help you with a smooth operation that covers:

  • Crowd management
  • Health-related checks and control (e.g., Covid-19 restrictions)
  • Safeguarding confidentiality
  • Venue safety assessments
  • Comprehensive security risk assessments
  • Predictive profiling
  • Keeping invited visitors safe
  • Keeping uninvited visitors out
  • Handling troublesome guests
  • De-escalating unwanted situations
  • Providing VIP protection and show security
  • Medical and emergency assistance protocols
  • Social media monitoring and open source intelligence gathering
  • Handling unexpected situations

If you want to travel abroad with a group of employees for an event, this can also be included in the protection services.

Corporate Event Security Services

Corporate event security will ensure that your staff and visitors stay safe (and happy). This contributes enormously to a successful event. It is our experience that corporate event security services include the following steps:

Step 1 | Assessing the venue

Assessing the venue on safety against intruders and accessibility for first responders is the first step of the security plan. If the venue is not watertight or the firefighters / ambulance medics cannot access the site, it is wise to choose another location. We consider road access, parking space, kitchen and bathroom facilities, building construction, ventilation, enough room for everyone to move around comfortably, etc. when assessing the venue and its surroundings.

Step 2 | Assessing the risks

Understanding who is invited and what the goal of the corporate event entails is essential for assessing the risks of any threats. When confidentiality is involved, keeping unwanted people out is one of the main concerns. For instance, high-profile guests, (V)VIPs or celebrities on the guest-list involves a different security approach.

Step 3 | Assessing individuals

If individuals are expected with a high-risk for trouble (e.g., due to a drinking problem, violence issues, criminal record or restraining order), it may be wise to do a background check on them. Alternatively, if one of the speakers is someone with a controversial opinion, it may also be safe to check whether guests take issue with this person to avoid any escalations.

Step 4 | Plan crowd control

For events where a large number of people are invited, we plan crowd control and train (local) security personnel how to instruct guests (registration, giving directions, keeping people away from restricted areas, etc.) and act in case of an emergency. Corporate event security officers are also skilled in first aid medical services and predictive profiling. If a guest stands out because of conspicuous behavior, they will act immediately to avoid any incidents. Planning crowd control and, if necessary, rehearsing various scenarios that could impact the event will keep everyone safe in the case of an emergency.

Step 5 | Organizing communication

During every event, something unexpected happens. Guaranteed. It might be harmless, like a broken glass or a toilet being out of order. Yet, power outages, people misbehaving or other incidents that can cause a stir should be dealt with immediately. Setting up a clear communication process with all concerned parties in advance is vital. We always plan a few evaluation moments during the event, so everyone stays on the same page.

Your Corporate Event Security Organized to Perfection

Organizing your corporate event to the finest details should include a security strategy. The goal is that visitors should feel safe enough to enjoy themselves. Infinite Risks is experienced in serving clients from all over the world with our special event security services, assisting them during private dinner parties or big business events.

We can help you with a risk assessment, train your staff or have our event security team or crowd control specialists manage the full safety and security aspect of your event. If you are interested to know how we approach the security of your corporate event, please feel free to contact us.


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