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Do You Need Bodyguard Services in Indonesia?

What challenge comes to mind when you think of traveling to Indonesia? The many islands the country consists of (over 17,000!), the crowded city of Jakarta (the second most populated urban area in the world), or the fact that more than 700 languages are spoken within a single country? Or maybe that drug-related offenses will be penalized severely, even with the death penalty as a worst measure? We don’t want to scare you about traveling to Indonesia as a tourist or with your business goals. We merely want to grow awareness of personal safety for yourself and those who travel with you. So, do you need bodyguard services in Indonesia?

Indonesia is a relatively safe country as far as government travel advice goes, but you are still advised to exercise increased caution. This article will update you on the reasons for this increased caution and also sum up what you can do to stay safe or how to ask for security assistance.

About Indonesia

Being the largest archipelago in the world, the small islands together (only) form the 14th-largest country with over 275 million people, predominantly Islamic (approximately 87%).

From the early 16th century until World War II, Indonesia was colonized by European countries, mainly by the Netherlands. After the war, the country was dictated by an Islamic autocrat who fought to withstand a growing communist party. During this battle, an estimated 500,000 and 1 million lost their lives. The communist leader won and allowed for decades of growth, followed by a significant financial crisis during the late nineties.

This took a toll on the Indonesian people, but the country transformed into a democracy with the first elected president in 2004. The economy is currently strong. However, politically and socially, the country remains unstable.

Do You Need Bodyguard Services in Indonesia?

Caution is advised when visiting Indonesia. This has several reasons, which we gladly list for your information.

Natural disasters

The country is known to be situated in the Ring of Fire, which means the chances of an erupting volcano and earthquakes are relatively high. Therefore, do not travel to Mount Merapi (Java) and Mount Agung (Bali). Also, consider the hurricane season (November through April) and the rainy season (December through April). Rains can cause flooding, which may mean some areas cannot be reached.

Political tension

Some regions are disturbed by violence and incidents due to political tension. Western governments advise against travel to the central highlands in the province of Papua and West Papua, the areas (Kabupaten) Sigi and Parigi Moutong, and the areas around Lake Tentena and Poso in the province of Central Sulawesi. Visit these regions only if absolutely necessary, e.g., to visit family in the case of a death or severe illness or if required for work.


From minor incidents to significant suicide bombings, extremist terrorist groups have attacked several public and/or crowded places throughout Indonesia during the past few years. The authorities do their utmost to prevent and disrupt these attacks, but the risk remains high. Be especially cautious during holidays (Christmas, Ramadan, New Year, etc.), during elections (local and national), and around tourist sites and places of worship.

If you plan to spend time on Indonesian waters, be aware of a higher risk of kidnapping by pirates. The criminals ask for ransom, but many governments have a policy not to oblige, as this may induce more kidnappings.


Busy places have a higher risk of pick-pocketing, petty theft, and scams. Also, credit card fraud, taxi fraud, and spiking of drinks (with the purpose of a sexual assault) have been reported frequently.


Traveling through the country is probably different from your home country. Refrain from driving yourself and book with registered airlines, ferries, secure transportation companies, and licensed taxis only.

Food and beverages

Eat and drink only foods in respected restaurants. There have been reports of serious illness and even deaths due to methanol poisoning in alcoholic beverages. Criminals sell ‘fake alcohol bottles’, duping famous brands.

Travel Security

Personal safety starts with understanding the country you visit and exploring the culture and habits before arriving. Petty crimes, corruption, bad roads, and weather influences are to be considered at all times. Book your travels with reliable partners and also take the following into account:

  • During Ramadan and Sugar Fest, people travel to visit family. This means extra crowded public transportation.
  • Some provinces require appropriate attire (Islamic laws). Here, gambling and drinking alcohol are prohibited.
  • Also, homosexuality is illegal, and generally, LHBTIQs are not accepted.
  • Do not use, carry, or traffic (soft) drugs. Every form of drugs is forbidden, and you will be penalized severely if you break the law.

Executive Protection and Bodyguard Services in Indonesia

Safeguarding yourself and your loved ones or colleagues comes down to planning and risk analysis. A professional close protection company with international security experience can help you with pre-trip planning, setting up a security plan, private security services in Indonesia, and everything in between to offer you peace of mind.

So, if you wish to travel to Indonesia yourself, please feel free to ask about our personal travel risk service. We can assess your level of risk and what you can do to keep yourself and your entourage safe.

Are you a high-profile individual or group looking for VIP protection services so that you can focus on your holiday or business without any worries? We invite you to contact us with your travel goals. Our VIP protection team can accompany you on your inbound and outbound flight, arrange luxury and secure transportation, and act as your personal assistant for reservations and bookings.

How Personal Bodyguard Services in Indonesia Can Help You

Our highly trained executive protection officers have the Dutch, British or American nationality, and they all speak multiple languages. We know our way around the region and have close contact with local authorities and highly skilled security and transportation partners.

We invite you to contact us with your security requirements. As an Amsterdam-based personal protection company, we serve our clients (mostly high net worth individuals) worldwide. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our executive protection services, security drivers, travel risk management and residential guard services in all major cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, Bekasi, Denpasar, Makassar and Bandung.


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