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Bodyguard Services in Montenegro For VIP and Hnwi

Montenegro is a small country in the Balkan. The country has only a little over 600,000 inhabitants, of which 170,000 live in the Capital of Podgorica. Today, Montenegro is an independent republic, but that has not always been the case. After becoming part of Yugoslavia in 1918, the country was subject to a unique form of socialism. In the early 1990s, Yugoslavia began disintegrating, leading to multiple wars and conflicts. Montenegro became dependent once again, this time to Serbia. A time where bodyguard services in Montenegro were a necessity.

In 2006, Montenegro held a referendum in which a majority voted for independence. Since then, Montenegro has pursued integration with Europe, becoming a member of NATO in 2017, and tourism has expanded enormously, from sunbathing to skiing.


As a tourist destination, Montenegro has a lot to offer, from Venetian cities on the Adriatic coast to the magnificent UNESCO city of Kotor, which is located in a fjord. The country has a gorgeous coastline with lively cities, picturesque villages, and impressive mountains.

Aside from the capital Podgorica, Montenegro does not have many major cities. Budva, Bar, and Ulcinj are coastal towns where the ocean is blue, and beaches are long. The affordable prices attract many tourists arriving via road, air, or water. Cyclists and hikers have a lot to discover in Montenegro. The experienced and fit can hike in the Tara Gorge.

During wintertime, Montenegro offers skiing lovers a lovely holiday destination. In summer, the months of July and August are lively, thanks to the many tourists. Water lovers can rent a kayak or a boat to float on the clear waters. It is also a growing destination for people who have their own yachts and want to discover something new.

Is Montenegro Safe?

Every country has its own laws, rules, and unique habits. So does Montenegro. It might be a country that differs from your home country. Yet, in general, Montenegro is very safe to visit. There are some pointers to consider, including the following.

  • It is forbidden to take pictures of military staff, buildings and objects.
  • Persons considering their gender or sexuality as LGBTQ+ plus are not generally accepted in Montenegro.
  • In tourist areas, English is spoken throughout, but it’s helpful to learn a few basic phrases in the local language.
  • Although the crime rate is low, it is advised to take standard precautions, such as keeping an eye on your belongings at all times and not flashing your valuables.
  • It is also advised to dress modestly when visiting religious sites.

VIP Protection & Yacht Security Services in Montenegro

Montenegro is a very safe country to visit, but there is a presence of organized crime. If you want to have a VIP security experience and complete safety, we advise you to hire executive protection services to the highest level to keep safe against all security threats. Or, if you plan to visit Montenegro with your yacht, consider hiring highly trained maritime security professionals to prepare your travel plans or watch your yacht (24-hour shifts if needed) when you go sightseeing.

Infinite Risks is specialized in physical and technical superyacht security both in ports and at sea. We can make your visit to Montenegro an unforgettable one by assisting you in your professional security needs. For instance, we can provide professional security officers for your yacht to its destination, after which we can accompany you and your family on a flight to the port or collect you at the airport with our secure transportation options. Alternatively, we can keep your yacht safe while you tour Montenegro’s inland or during an event.

More Information About Bodyguard Services in Montenegro

We are a reliable private security company with a vast and reliable network worldwide. We work for private and corporate clients, high net worth familiescelebritiesdiplomats and even Royalty. Our personal security and protection team have many years of experience and consist of predominantly Dutch, British and US trained officers from specialized military, police and intelligence units. Our team also includes female bodyguards. Every close protection officer, residential security guardsecurity driver and surveillance officer has been vetted and screened. They speak at least two languages and are uniquely skilled in, e.g., advanced defensive driving, advanced first aid and surveillance detection.

We provide customized security services and are experienced in guiding travelers and citizens in Montenegro’s cities and rural areas. Our family protection and corporate security services will keep your family, friends or colleagues safe and secure and offer them peace of mind while visiting Montenegro. Please contact us via the form below for more information about luxury transportation and bodyguards. We look forward to helping you out with our Montenegro security solutions and personal concierge services.


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