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Secure Transporation in Davos for a Safe Stay

High-profile clients prefer to avoid any risk as far as their safety is concerned. That also applies when their destination is Davos, Switzerland. As the hotels and restaurants in this Swiss city are used to cater to (V)VIPs, UHNWIs, celebrities and diplomats, you will feel right at home in one of these establishments. The insecurity about risks lies more in moving around the area with sometimes adverse weather conditions in Davos. That is precisely where we can help you out with our security chauffeur service, premium limousine service, VIP bodyguard services and secure transportation in Davos.

What Is Davos About?

Davos is a posh destination for (extreme) sports fanatics all year round. Summer is the best season for hiking, rafting, mountain biking and kite surfing. The lakes in the area are excellently located as a permanent wind blows from the south to the north. Plenty of rapids allow you to flow down a fast river, and hikers and bikers can find numerous tracks to be outdoors all day.

Winter brings the guarantee of snow for (cross-country) skiing as the slopes and runs are located at a relatively high altitude compared to other ski resorts in Europe. Ice kiting is another option when the lakes freeze over to enjoy the outdoors during the cold season.

Many people with health-related issues seek the comfort of a spa resort. Because of its high altitude, Davos became a sanatorium at the beginning of the twentieth century, especially for tuberculosis patients. Still today, you can enjoy the luxurious spas and wellness facilities.

Did you know that Davos is Europe’s highest city and has several training facilities for ice skaters? Internationally competing sports persons prepare themselves for the coming seasons by booking altitude training. No wonder the facilities are awesome.

Also, the World Economic Forum in Davos (WEF), visited by a high-profile business community, for which many politcians, heads of state, diplomats and international influencers like Bono, Bill Clinton and Bill Gates fly in to Zurich airport for the annual meeting.

Davos caters to those who appreciate local foods and cozy cabins, but it is more than that. There are plenty of ultramodern hotels with extremely high service levels and restaurants with exquisite food based on the modern taste palate.

Secure Transportation Services

As an internationally operating security company, travel safety and secure transportation services are among our services. If you prefer to get to Davos discreetly and travel around the area safely without being harassed by fans, tourists, or locals, we can help you with the following:

We distinguish protective driving skills and defensive driving skills. Protective driving means determining the correct route and time based on intelligence before the trip. Of course, we continuously monitor the (weather) risks to adjust a planned driving route instantly. In extremely threatening situations, your driver knows how to escape from a threatening situation with defensive driving. All our security trained drivers have received extensive driver training, ranging from advanced executive driver training to advanced arctic driver training. 

Bodyguard Services in Davos

Aside from being able to provide secure transportation services in Davos, our executive protection agents are also trained in additional skills such as:

Medical assistance

We can monitor your health, keep in touch with your physicians, manage and administer medication, help you get around in a wheelchair, arrange emergency transportation (such as an air ambulance), and apply advanced first aid in case of an emergency.

Extreme sports

If you would like to take part in extreme sports activities, our staff can plan and accompany you during an off-piste skiing trip or mountain bike trip, go kite-surfing, or arrange multi-day hiking trips. We know when extreme weather events and risks of natural disasters should keep you indoors.


Our staff members all speak English and at least another language. We can help you with any necessary translations.

Personal assistance

Consider our staff members as your personal assistants. If you require any work done, such as reservations, bookings, shopping, etc., please do not hesitate to ask them.

More Information About Bodyguards and Secure Transportation in Davos

We understand that the requirements of our clients visiting Switzerland are varied, and no visit is the same. That is why we prefer to offer you our personal advice. Please contact us to learn how we can keep you safe and secure with our Davos private drivers, limousine services, security chauffeur services and executive protection services.


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