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Bodyguard Services in Switzerland for Business or Leisure

When you think of Switzerland, what typically comes to mind? Is it their precision clockworks and watches, the scenic mountains, the many financial institutions and banks, or the high-quality cheeses and chocolate? These stereotypes may be accurate, but there is much more to Switzerland than these simple assumptions. Although bodyguard services in Switzerland is not the first thing that comes to mind when travelling to this beautiful country, having a bodyguard ensures peace of mind regarding transportation, (covert) protection and overall preparation.

Did you know, for instance, that the country is a federal republic, divided into 26 cantons, lacking a state capital? Bern is the city where the parliament is located, but officially, it is not the capital, as there is none. Legend has it that Bern was named after the fact that Duke Berthold van Zähringen killed a bear at the place where he founded the city in 1191. Aside from Bern, Zürich, Lausanne, and Basel are the largest cities. Geneva is one of the popular European cities to visit over a weekend.

Switzerland has a modern economy and is very business-minded. Leisure-wise, the country attracts skiers during the winter and hikers and motorcyclists during the summer. Experts ranked Switzerland as a safe country. Moreover, it is one of the safest European countries, so why dedicate an article to hiring a bodyguard in Switzerland?

This is why.

Is Switzerland Safe?

Part of the more than 8.5 million citizens work in the service, food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, production of precision instrumentation, electricity (hydroelectric plants) and tourism. Thanks to the high living standards, stable politics, and low tax rates, foreign countries are eager to establish their headquarters or subsidiaries here.

Yet, another reason organizations settle in Switzerland is the country’s neutrality. Thanks to this image, organizations such as the Red Cross, the International Olympic Committee and the United Nations have their main office in Geneva.

The high standard can not only be recognized in the work environment. Transportation is well-organized, and city streets, public transportation facilities, and public buildings are very clean and accessible. The police and military forces are vast and highly trained. Terrorism, the violent crime rate, and even petty crimes are very low. Protecting your belongings is wise in any environment where many people gather, such as railway stations and airports, even in Switzerland.

If it is that safe, why hire a Swiss expert or bodyguard to prepare your travels or guide you on your business or leisure trips?

Switzerland’s Challenges for Business and Leisure Travelers

Traveling to and around Switzerland is not that difficult. The safety of the public is not so much the issue. Yet, when you need to keep a low profile as a celebrity, a diplomat, a high-profile member of a Royal family, or a UHNWI, it is very convenient not to have to think twice about how to travel from A to B or where to make a reservation for the ultimate restaurant.

In these cases, you may encounter some unknown challenges typical for Switzerland. Some of them include:

High costs

The cost of living and operating expenses are high. Rent, labor, and other operational costs can be significant, especially in major cities like Zurich and Geneva. Understanding where to be and how to make the appropriate reservations can save money.

Complex legal system

There is generally a well-developed and transparent legal system, but the regulatory environment can be complex, especially for foreign companies, and especially concerning taxes. Navigating Swiss regulations and bureaucracy requires professional assistance.


The Swiss speak four official languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansh. If you speak only some or none of these languages, communication challenges can result in misunderstandings.

Finding staff

Despite the highly skilled workforce, you may encounter challenges related to staff shortages in certain industries. Finding, screening and retaining qualified employees could be a concern.

Cultural differences

Cultural nuances and business etiquette can vary across regions in Switzerland. Building relationships and understanding local business customs is important for success.

Visa and work permits

For foreign entrepreneurs and employees, obtaining visas and work permits can sometimes be a complex process.

Intellectual property protection

Protecting intellectual property rights can be crucial, and navigating Switzerland’s IP laws may require legal expertise.

Extreme weather

Like in any mountain area, the weather can change in a matter of minutes. You need to consider that when doing outdoor activities. Natural disasters such as avalanches, landslides, floods, rockfalls, forest fires, and thunderstorms occur frequently. Understanding how to gear up and survive in case of an emergency is crucial when spending time in the mountains. Mountain roads can be narrow, and nervous drivers should take extra care when driving or let someone else drive.

Close Protection and VIP Security Services

Our bodyguard service is always tailored to your needs wherever you travel. We have experience serving clients from the USA, Russia, China and the Middle East. We offer both male and female protection officers who are multilingual. We provide high-end personal security services and can assist you visibly or take on a covert role. Our close protection officers and security drivers have followed extensive training during their time working for the government, they work discreetly and are very loyal.

Your  personal protection package may include the following:

  • Discreet bodyguard services or close protection from your home to your destination and vice versa. Our agents can also assume a role as one of your staff and operate in a covert manner.
  • For traveling to and from Switzerland from anywhere around the world, we can arrange travel security. This may include (armored) secure transportation, excellently skilled security drivers, helping you with safety and security at private airports, accompanying you on private or corporate aircraft, or advice about your unaccompanied, personal travels.
  • security assessment provides insight into the possible risks you may run traveling to and staying in Switzerland.
  • Residential security guards and technical security measures to ensure your safety when you are at home or in your hotel.
  • Consider our staff as personal assistants who can also help you book tickets, make hotel or restaurant reservations and arrange tours.
  • Remote medical services and emergency response services.

More Information About Bodyguard Services in Switzerland

Feel free to contact us for more information on (armed) private bodyguards in Geneva or Zurich, UHNW family security, executive protection, secure transportation or any other high quality security services. We gladly share examples of our international security experience with you and send you a non-committal offer. We look forward to helping you out and keeping you safe at all times.


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