Managing travel risks with a travel risk management program

As a security consultancy agency, we can help you setting up your business travel risk management program. For organizations and individuals travelers to medium to high risk countries or potentially dangerous countries, we are experienced in assessing and minimizing the possible risks.

Knowing what dangers or difficulties you may encounter and setting off with a tailor-made TRM program provides duty of care to your employees. Being well-prepared will help you reach your business goals or make great memories, even when traveling under harsh conditions.

Together with the assistance of the partners in our network, we include the following travel risk management solutions:


  • Creating of duty of care and travel policies, travel management guidelines and procedures

We have assisted business travelers who operate in the political field, NGOs, multinationals, UHNWI, and celebrities.

If you have travel plans abroad and would like to us to map out the potential risks and setup your corporate travel program, please feel free to contact us and find out how we mitigate your risks.



We know your situation is unlike any other. We listen, assess and anticipate to keep you and your assets safe.



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We protect and advise you wherever you are. Our expert teams serve clients in over 50 countries in any circumstance.

International Services

Our global security agency is experienced in the protection of assets, media teams, diplomats, royal families, celebrities and (U)HNWI in 50+ countries.