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Is Dubai not a fully controlled city of the United Arab Emirates? Doesn’t it have plenty of surveillance, making it one of the safest places in the Middle East? So why would I need bodyguard services in Dubai?

These are fair questions, and the assumptions are correct. The streets are clean and safe, with plenty of patrol staff to maintain this. However, the country has stringent legislation and relentless punishments, which imply the actual risk visiting westerners run.

Aside from the risks, Dubai is a city of opportunities, comfort, and luxury. Do you want to travel there as a tourist or business person? How comfortable would you feel if you did not have to think about anything else but your professional meetings or decide how to spend your vacation day? Benefit from hiring someone who knows the region, its culture, and ways to keep safe so you can focus on your goals, whether it is a family visit, business deal, or enjoying your vacation.

In this article, you will discover how you can find your way in Dubai safely by yourself and what security companies in Dubai can do for an ultimate secured and stress-free stay.

What About Dubai?

Dubai is a city in the UAE and the capital with the same name. Thanks to its location, the city is internationally considered an essential port for trade. Revenues from oil brought prosperity and development. However, its sources are limited. Contrary to what you may think, only 5% of the emirate’s income comes from oil. Today, business focuses on being an international trade center with opportunities in energy (little oil, but mainly solar and hydrogen), health care, logistics & transport, water management, agriculture & food, and high tech.

Aside from that, Dubai is known for its luxurious resorts and tourist attractions. Since 2013, the government has implemented a tourism-boosting strategy to create one of the world’s most exclusive tourist destinations. Aside from modern city centers and plenty of shopping Valhallas, culture lovers can visit historic Dubai and museums.

Is Dubai Safe?

Are you planning on visiting Dubai? It may be helpful to have some information from experienced travelers and business people to keep you safe and to make the most of your stay. Please consider the following pointers for your comfort and safety.

  • Learn a few words in the Arabic language. Knowing how to greet and thank someone in the local language will be much appreciated.
  • Respect the habits and traditions. People in Dubai are very hospitable. They will serve you something to drink and maybe to eat when you are invited. Be appreciative and take the time to have a conversation. You can talk about your country, the weather and most importantly, your health. Yet, stay away from topics such as politics, religion and sex.
  • You are expected to arrive on time at your meeting but remember that your host is allowed to be a little delayed.
  • If you want to do business, you will have to make an effort to visit your business relations. Remote contact is not very much accepted, and people from the UAE prefer to keep their business ‘personal’.
  • Do not force any business relations or opportunities. This is related to the previous tip of getting to know your relations. First, build a personal/business relationship and show patience.
  • Refrain from giving expensive business gifts. However, a personal shopped gift such as fine foods (no alcohol), stationary or a piece of art works perfectly.
  • Dress formally. Men are advised to wear a suit and tie. For ladies, wearing a scarf or niqab in public places is not mandatory but appreciated. When visiting a Mosque, women need to cover their heads and body. Make sure not to show your knees, belly, shoulders and cleavage. You can wear a swimsuit at your resort.

Safety in Dubai

In general, Dubai is a safe city, even for female visitors. Yet, always be aware that Dubai is a city in the Middle East. This has consequences for you related to dealing with culture, religion, and standards, but also location-wise.

The United Arab Emirates is a country where people are very religious. The pointers above touch on the general guidelines of everyday interaction with the locals. There is no concern if you travel to Dubai as a tourist or business person. However, the laws and regulations may differ greatly from those in your country. When breaking the law, stringent punishment awaits perpetrators. Even discussing with the police and using obscene language or gestures may get you arrested. Most important is to know that a.o. prostitution, public drunkenness, porn, and using, selling, and possessing drugs are illegal. Do you use prescription drugs? Make sure you register this before your arrival so you can take it with you on your trip.

Also, be careful about criticizing persons, the UAE as a country, and authorities when you have a personal conversation and online (e.g., on social media). Homosexuality is not accepted; moreover, it is illegal for everyone.

The region remains unquiet and has a risk for terrorist attacks. In early 2022, the UEA air defense forces intercepted ballistic missiles and drones that were set out to attack infrastructure in populated areas on several occasions. Unfortunately, a few of these interceptions failed, resulting in three casualties in Abu Dhabi. Authorities have reported that further attacks are likely.

Private Security & Bodyguard Services in Dubai

The advantage of bringing an experienced western personal protection officer (bodyguard) with you to Dubai is that they can act flexibly between two cultures and understand what international stakes to consider. This applies not only to Dubai but also to other cities in the United Arab Emirates, such as Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

Safeguarding yourself and your family or colleagues means planning your trip and including a risk assessment. A professional security company with international experience can help you with pre-trip planning and private travel security, both local or a close protection officer to accompany you (including female bodyguards).

So, if you wish to travel to Dubai yourself, please feel free to ask about our private security services, secure transportation and close protection services. We can assess what risk level you may encounter and what you can do to keep yourself and your entourage safe.

Are you looking for a VIP service to keep you safe and secure during your holiday or business? We invite you to contact us with your travel goals. We can accompany you on your inbound and outbound flight, arrange luxury transportation, and keep your residence and assets secure.

Can We Help You With Bodyguard Services in Dubai?

Our well trained executive protection officers have Dutch, British or American nationalities and they have all served in specialized military and/or police units. Most of our staff speak multiple languages. We know our way around the region and have close contact with local authorities and security partners. We help the following people attain their goals:

Please feel free to contact us with your requests or questions about our personal protection services. We look forward to giving you detailed information about our personal security and bodyguard services in Dubai.


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