Crypto millionaires are commonly referred to as young millionaires or millennial millionaires. A CNBC survey shows that almost 50% of this group invested at least a quarter of their business in cryptocurrencies. Also, the number of bitcoin and altcoin millionaires keeps on rising. CBS News reports that over 100,000 bitcoin accounts are worth over one million dollars. In this article about ‘Bodyguards for Crypto Millionaires’ we will discuss the possibilities that young crypto investors have to keep themselves and/or family members safe.

Searching the internet, you can find tips and tricks to become a millionaire yourself within five years if you invest in crypto smartly. A dream many aspire. The prospect of buying a big house, car, jewelry, vacations, etc., would make everyone smile. Yet, instant wealth has its downsides.

Having money will certainly increase your quality of life. However, it involves mental pressure, responsibilities, and risks.

For instance, earning more money means you have to pay more taxes. Therefore, you require knowledge about governmental tax regulations or have accountants help you with the financial settlements.

Mentally, you can feel pressure in several ways. First, to yourself and your family. How can you maintain this newly acquired standard? Can you continue to grow your fortune, and what knowledge, experience, and luck are required to do so? Second, to society. How can you justify your personal opulence as opposed to the famine, illnesses, and poverty in other parts of the world? This may seem a controversial subject in this article, but research shows that these feelings of guilt are quite common.

Being well-informed and well-prepared is good advice in any situation. At Infinite Risks International, we can certainly help you with advice about risks new millionaires run.


People who have money attract people who want money, whether they want yours or wish to learn from you. Most risks millionaires run involve relationships.

‘New and old friends’

Everyone wants to be friends with someone who is successful. Unfamiliar people wish to become your new best friend, and old friends suddenly want to become reacquainted. The question is, do they want to befriend you or your money?

Who can you trust in business?

The more business opportunities succeed, and your lifestyle expands, the more people you encounter. But, from new staff to business relationships, who can you trust enough to hire or engage for your finances, company assets and to work with valued staff members?


Once people understand you have money, they might try to take advantage of the situation by dragging you to court. This could range from a revengeful business relation to someone invoking an ‘accident’. Befriending an attorney who knows your business and understands your mission is advised.

Public opinion

Another issue to consider is that the public will form an opinion about you once you stand out from the crowd. For example, will you be included in lists of famous millionaires? Will people consider you a ruthless, greedy person who will go at any length to increase their fortune? Your presence on social media could also trigger feelings of hatred when posting, for example, a photo of a new car or a new villa.

Protection and security

One of the most important issues is the safety of your assets, yourself, and your family. What measures are required to protect and safeguard these?

Detecting, analyzing, and mitigating or eliminating risks is what we do best. Discover what you can do to keep safe and what a professional security agency can help you with.


Essential to safety is awareness. Once you are aware of potential risks, you can act to decrease them yourself. This is what we advise our UHWNI clients at all times:

  • The vested wealth young entrepreneurs have gained is something they are proud of. They have invested time, knowledge, and effort in getting to the top. Young people want to show their status or position online. They share posts on social media, showing their cars, boats, houses, watches, etc. However, it is best not to attract attention to all that. Not only your friends and followers will like it, but criminals will too. Don’t flash your money!
  • If you want to share information about your company or help others, share your knowledge and position yourself in a neutral environment. Do not show where you live or any details about your family and friends. This is the best precautionary protection for your loved ones.
  • Acquire a healthy suspicion or let people help you with that. Do not let delivery service staff come to your front door and always be aware of people approaching you in public.
  • Ensure that protection measures such as alarm and camera systems are in place, or hire a protection agency to provide you with an elaborate risk assessment. This way, you can rest assured that the required measures are relevant and sufficient.


To protect you and your family, we advise you to consult an agency who can help you with:

Infinite Risks is based in The Netherlands, but we operate worldwide. We have experience serving families of VIPs, UHNWI, athletes and celebrities. We employ security agents who have special social skills to work with and protect children (if needed). We step up and take control during imminent threats, but we lay low when the risks are low, respecting your privacy.


The above-mentioned services are only a few examples of the services we can help you with. It is our experience that a well-executed protection plan is a customized one. We invite you to contact us for more information about bodyguards for crypto millionaires, our company or a non-binding quotation.




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