Traveling around the world has never been easier and more available than in the last decade. Airfares reduced significantly, well-known destinations became mainstream, and new jet-set destinations have arisen. The choice in traveling methods and destinations has never been so wide. Until the pandemic put the entire world, including our travel bodyguard services, to a halt.

Returning to a completely normal world will take some time, but with thorough risk assessment and the required preparation, business and leisure travel is possible today. For example, it is safer (in terms of keeping distance to other passengers) and more comfortable (arranging a direct flight to your destination) to book a private jet than booking a scheduled flight with a regular airline.

Infinite Risks can help you arrange safe transportation, inquire about the imposing restrictions for your destination, and make the required arrangements. As a professional security company, we also include assessing any other treats, such as terrorist attacks, natural disasters, political unrest, etc.

Below, you can find a few examples of services we can offer our clients.


Politicians and diplomats

Work-related travels as a politician, ambassador or diplomat means that meetings and visiting projects, for example, require a specific risk assessment. Depending on the destination, a person may wish for a personal bodyguard, safe transportation, or residential security when traveling to areas with a high-risk or countries with a controversial leader. If personal protection is not explicitly required, pre-travel assessment, travel advice, or travel safety training may suffice.

In our article about Diplomatic Security Services, you can find further details about our experience and knowhow on keeping diplomats and politicians safe.

Business travelers

Under the term business travelers, we include chairpersons, CEOs, senior managers, etc. who need to travel for a.o. meetings, trade shows, and product launches. In some cases, the country a business person travels to is not accustomed to the Western way of doing business. Other reasons to hire protection is when you need to keep a low-profile or when secrecy is required. Aside from the bodyguard service or a security driver, event security or operating as an undercover protection officer may be beneficial to your goal.

Media teams

Media teams traveling abroad to cover the news, travel to the harshest and dangerous areas. It requires specific planning and measures to keep the crew safe. Besides taking a bodyguard with you as someone who protects the team during the full trip, also pre-travel assessment, travel preparation advice and safety training, or a professional company who acts as your emergency response team to help you with crisis management will be the appropriate protection measures for your team.


Ultra-high net worth individuals are known to plan ahead carefully and leave nothing to chance. Infinite Risks understands that keeping a low profile for you and your family requires making arrangements discreetly, whether it concerns travel plans, accommodation, or fun activities abroad, such as visiting a sports game or show and holidays destinations, e.g., a skiing holiday. Our staff has extended skills, such as horseback riding, skiing, diving and survival. They can accompany you on your adventures.

Artists, celebrities, and VIPs

Switching flexibly from public appearance to keeping a low profile is key to any artist or celebrity. An organization experienced in offering these flexible services approaches your situation with the utmost discretion will only help you reach your goals. From crowd management to keeping your private life to yourself.

We can accompany and protect you on your travels and tours, provide first aid medical care and arrange secure transportation at your destination.

You can find more specific information on Celebrity Bodyguards and VIP Protection in this article.


Unfortunately, we cannot describe every situation for our wide range of clients. If you feel your requirements differ from the examples above, it does not mean we cannot help you. Please feel free to contact us and find out how we can help you with your travel requirements.





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