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How Can a Ski Holiday Bodyguard Protect You and Your Family?

To keep you safe during a ski trip or vacation a ski holiday bodyguard, specialized in protecting persons and their families, is the ultimate solution. Needless to say, the close protection officer is an excellent skier. Yet, he or she also possesses extensive adaptive skills and experience to operate in mountainous terrains.

What it takes to protect clients on a skiing trip depends on the group requirements. A family of multiple persons can only be adequately protected by more than one bodyguard if the risk assessment indicates a strong possibility of threats.

As in many situations, a tailored solution offers the absolute best protection. In this blog, you will discover what you may expect from a professional security partner in ski holiday bodyguard services.

Safety Measures During a Skiing Trip

For clients who live with the reality of threats of being kidnapped or attacked, it is advised to hire a covert (not openly visible) or overt (clearly visible) close protection officer with skiing experience. The specific skills and number of bodyguards depend on your plans, the nature of the threats and the risk assessment.

On the ski slopes, running the risk of an attack or kidnap is low. During the skiing activity, the risk of a medical emergency is more likely to happen. In that case, your bodyguard will instantly alarm and liaise with the emergency medical services, create a buffer zone and, if necessary, apply first aid.

Enjoying your luxury ski holiday is an event scheduled for multiple days. Offering you 24/7 protection may also imply that our bodyguards accompany you to your après ski or dinner reservations. In cooperation with the hotel/residence staff and ski instructors, our bodyguards investigate the rescue and escape routes to be prepared for any emergency.

If your family members, young children included, stay at the hotel during the day, a protection officer with the relevant experience can be appointed. For ski lessons on the slopes, it is advised to hire a specialized ski instructor. Of course, this can be arranged for you.

Your protection team is well-acquainted with the area. He or she checks the weather conditions and danger of avalanches daily and is in close contact with emergency services about the safest escape routes if necessary. Protective tools and equipment are part of the security plan. Examples include first aid equipment, satellite telephones and GPS trackers for quick response purposes in case an emergency occurs.

Your situation and destination determine the exact arrangement of services. This may comprise one or more of the following:

Skiing Bodyguard Services

After discussing the details, we can appoint a single protection officer or team of bodyguards that meets your situation. Rest assured that all protection officers possess at least the following skills and experience:

  • Former military ski instructors
  • Exceptional navigational skills
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Strong communicative skills
  • Good with children
  • Remote medical trained
  • Multi-lingual (preferably speaks the local language)
  • Trained in mountain and arctic operations
  • Trained in survival under arctic conditions

Ski Vacation Destinations

Regardless of your destination, our bodyguards (male or female) can be of service in ski vacation resorts in many countries around the world. A few examples include (in alphabetical order):

  • Argentina: Bariloche
  • Austria: Kitzbühel, Lech, and Zürs
  • Canada: Whistler (BC)
  • China: Beijing, Heilongjiang, Ulanhot (Mongolia)
  • France: Courchevel, Megève, and Val-d’Isère
  • Italy: Cortina d’Ampezza and Courmayeur
  • Japan: Hokkaido and Tohoku
  • Kashmir: Gulmarg
  • South Korea: Gangwon-do, Icheon, and Pyeongchang
  • Switzerland: St. Moritz, Verbier, and Zermatt
  • USA: Aspen (CO) and Park City (UT)

If your destination is not mentioned, that does not mean we cannot help you. Please contact us for further information. Other services such as secure transportation or travel security can be included. As our services are tailored, we can certainly offer you personal protection at any ski resort imaginable.


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