If you are wondering: is the Netherlands safe as a country? We can ease your mind. Yes, Holland (another name for the Netherlands) is a safe country to live and work in and for tourists or business people to visit.

Safety, as you will understand, is a relative concept. For example, on the website SafeAround, the Netherlands ranks 15th. This website, probably established by a company selling travel insurances, does not describe the parameters used to rank cities and countries. However, being a Dutch-based security company we feel that their ranking for our country is quite accurate. As stated, the Netherlands is a safe country, but bigger cities in the Netherlands like: Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague still have areas with a higher crime rate where a higher level of situational awareness is recommended.

Another example is the Safe City Index 2019 sponsored by the Economist. This index provides an elaborate explanation of parameters, or pillars and indicators as they call it, including air quality, road traffic deaths and access to safe foods. By the way, Amsterdam is in 4th place in this index.


Our counter-question would be: do you want to be safe or feel safe? Our advice is not to rely on these indexes too much. Do your own research. If you can, talk to people who you know have experience in traveling to the Netherlands. If you want to find out if Amsterdam is safe? Discover our view on it in this article.


Alternatively, give us a call or send us an email and ask us your personal questions. However safe the Netherlands may be classified in whatever index, how safe you can be or want to feel, depends on your requirements and goals.

If your itinerary is packed from the moment you set foot on Dutch soil until the moment you return to the airport for your flight home, you might want to bring in some assistance. Circumstances beyond your control may even shift your plans. Your intentions may not require hiring a bodyguard, however a security driver who knows the country and cities like the back of his/her hand will relieve you from traveling stress.

Think of the advantages of hiring a security professional, because you don’t have to:

  • Keep an eye on your belongings all the time.
  • Try to find your own way from one place to another in an unfamiliar city in a rental car or by public transport.
  • Fear from ending up in one of the more dangerous neighborhoods.
  • Follow the news on threats for terrorist attacks, demonstrations, strikes, etc.
  • Find out yourself which locations are infamous for petty theft and pick pocketing.

Feeling safe is all about excellent preparation and finding the best people to help you achieve your goals. There are several advantages of letting someone else do the work he/she is accustomed to. One of them is getting inside information about what the best places are to stay. Let us take you to the best restaurants for some fine dining and book your tickets for some sightseeing. For instance, to visit Rembrandt van Rijn’s ‘The Night Watch’, which is one of the many paintings you can find in the Rijksmuseum that date back to the Dutch Golden Age.


Infinite Risks is a Netherlands-based protection agency offering its services to clients all over the world. Among others, we work for celebrities, (U)HNWIs, C-level executives and diplomats. Besides providing protection, we try to accommodate our clients in their every need. We welcome you to contact us with your travel requirements, and we look forward to making your stay to the Netherlands a memorable one.




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