Many of our clients request international operating bodyguards to assist them. They have a multitude of reasons for working with a global security agency offering international bodyguard services & executive protection services. Discover the advantages you could benefit from as well.


Many of our clients operate internationally. The routines of these organizations or individuals vary from person to person.

For example, when a senior corporate officers or C-suite level executive travels for work, he or she is likely to fly long-distance during the night, start their first meeting early in the morning, followed by many other appointments. Typically during these business travels, itineraries change due to cancelled meetings or added appointments.

Another typical group of clients is formed by diplomats, ambassadors, ministers, secretaries of state and (even) presidents. Due to their status, they require special needs. The reason for their travels may attract a lot of press. Especially when traveling to countries where certain topics are controversial, think of human rights, freedom of speech, or environmental issues. The hosting country may also attract press thanks to their hosts, which could include governmental representatives, heads of state and royals.

Press coverage by media teams in remote or dangerous environments may also require a security adviser to keep these professonials safe.

The last example group we want to mention is celebrities. The needs for this group require just as much customization as the previously mentioned groups, only differently. Artists, such as singers or actors, who fly all around the world for a concert tour or to promote their latest movie, need protection against crowds as well as people who want to come close just because they are famous.


Because our clients have a demanding job, a busy schedule, or obtrusive fans, they often rely on professionals to keep them safe, happy and comfortable during their travels. When running from meeting to meeting, they have no time to take care of their personal security. They want to work without any worries and proceed to their next destination or fly home. Meanwhile, they want to protect their image or, in some cases, stay anonymous.

Especially when their plans change for whatever reason, their entourage, appointments, accommodations, reservations, etc. have to be changed accordingly. Cancelling a reservation or making a new one, arranging transportation or altering an appointment is not difficult, but it can be time-consuming. The safety needs to be reassessed when plans change. At that moment, you need to know exactly what to do and what factors to include.

Someone who is trained in protecting and taking care of clients internationally can do it all. Booking tickets, making reservations and hiring local security and drivers while keeping an eye out for your safety is what international bodyguards do best. They are highly skilled in logistics, have great interpersonal skills and speak multiple languages. They are calm and experienced professionals.

Our licensed and highly trained international bodyguards and executive protection officers are former elite members of Dutch, British and American specialized police and- or military units. Before they joined Infinite Risks International, they gained international experience in recconaissance, intelligence and special forces units. Every executive protection officer, security advisor or covert protection officer is uniquely skilled and trained and handpicked by our management.

International bodyguard service advantages:

  • Our teams work with clients all over the world and are highly skilled in logistics
  • Our teams have experience with many cultures, values and customs
  • Our teams have great interpersonal skills and are multi-lingual
  • Our teams understand how emergency services operate in the country you visit
  • Our teams know their way around locally and can rely on a local network of other professionals
  • Our teams are self reliant, assertive, adaptable and flexible
  • Our teams have additional skills such as skiing, remote medical and survival skills


We only assign staff who matches your needs best. If you plan a (business) trip and require assistance wherever you plan to travel around the globe, feel free to contact us and find out what we can do for you.




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