Picture yourself strolling on the ocean boulevard lined with palm trees. Sipping your espresso in the morning at a bistro’s outdoor seating area, enjoying your Salade Niçoise for lunch, and visiting the old town before having a lovely dinner. If you plan to visit the beautiful city of Nice in France, you can do all that and find a perfect restaurant at Place Massena. It’s a city that has it all. Not too big (nearly 350,000 citizens), but large enough for beaches, parks, shopping, cathedrals, museums, and business opportunities. However, the cities in the south of France have a bad reputation. High crime rates, theft, and refugees are what you can expect as a tourist or business traveler. Or are things not as black as they seem? This article about bodyguard services in Nice, helps you understand whether you could encounter any potential threats when traveling to Nice or staying there. We gladly share tips for keeping you safe and how a professional security company can assist you.


Nice is the second-largest city of the Côte D’Azur at the foot of the Alps. Its rich history dates back to its founding around 350 BC when it was named after Nike, the victory goddess.

It is one of the favorite European cities during summer time. However, thanks to its location (between the mountains and the ocean) and climate, it is a city that attracts many tourists all year round. You can arrive by train, by (cruise) ship in the port, or via the third largest airport in France, which services the entire region, including Monaco.

Nice’s cuisine is a mixture of Provence and Italian. Dishes are prepared with locally produced ingredients like fish, tomatoes, and olives. Aside from a salad named after the city, famous dishes include ratatouille and tapenade.

There is no doubt tourists can find their way perfectly in Nice. Business travelers’ primary goal could include visiting one of the many tech companies. Sophia Antipolis is a renowned science and technology hub.


Despite its relatively small size, the Nice tourism industry is the largest in the country, after Paris. This attracts not only tourists but also criminals. From petty crimes to severe offenses (like terrorism), daily and nightly crimes occur year-round.

Authorities take every measure to protect you and its citizens. Think of police presence at all times and street cameras. However, some neighborhoods are best to be avoided. These include:

  • Ariane
  • Las Planas
  • Les Moulins
  • Les Liserons

Some of these areas are home to conflicted gangs. They may be involved in drug deals and prostitution and rebel against one another. Arguments are often battled in the streets, involving violent crime, which makes for dangerous situations for both citizens and visitors.

This leaves plenty of excellent neighborhoods where you can safely book a hotel and visit during the day and night. Overall, Nice is a safe city.

Is Nice safe?

Even in the safest areas in any city, robbery and burglary are potential threats. These are some examples of the latest reported crimes in popular Nice tourist spots.

  • Pickpocketing
    Clever thieves wait for a chance at a particular moment, giving them an opportunity. It’s the moment you cannot change. However, they will seek their opportunity elsewhere if you don’t give them the chance.
  • Organized scams
    Criminals rarely work alone. They keep a close eye on a potential victim and stalk them for a while. When an opportunity opens up, they strike. One person may address the victim, and another will make off with valuables. This happens on foot, but also scooters are used.
  • Car door openings
    At traffic lights or when you open or close your car in a car park, criminals rush to your vehicle, open the door, and grab smartphones or bags. Often, they know what you are carrying because they have been watching you. Keep your belongings out of sight at all times. Keep your doors locked when waiting for a traffic light. Only remotely open or close the car in a parking area if you stand next to it.
  • Public transport
    At night, most public transportation stations are unstaffed. Volunteers may approach you (even very young females) to help you buy tickets. Do not let them distract you.

Can a professional private security company in Nice keep you safe?

If you plan to travel by yourself but want to understand your personal risks, we can assess your visit from the moment you leave your home to the moment you return. This allows you to avoid any dangerous situation, take the advised measures, and fall back on our remote assistance if required.

A bodyguard can be enormously helpful and assist you in your travels to a foreign country. Aside from personal protection by bodyguards in France, our staff can make reservations, arrange secure transportation, provide security advice, and safeguard your hotel or villa. We offer covert (not publicly visible) and overt close protection in France.


If you do not feel safe traveling to Nice or Cannes (solo, with your family, staff, or management team), if you have never been to France (in particular to the French Riviera), and do not speak French, if you need to keep a low profile, if you are unaware of your potential risks, or if you have an appointment with someone of a certain reputation, Infinite Risks International can help you.

To find out what your current risks for Nice imply, we can certainly assist. Contact us for more information about our private security agency or bodyguard services in France.




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