If you travel around the world frequently, a security driver who knows you and understands your goals in life is a person you can trust and rely on. Experience in the protection industry shows that a client is most vulnerable when traveling. Sometimes, your security driver can function as a close protection officer as well (when driving is not required).

In this article, you will discover whether protective driving is a skill or a talent, why experience matters, and why a private security driver can make all the difference.


A professional security driver has a natural talent for excellent driving. Besides being apt learning how to drive under normal conditions, there are specific advanced skills required for this high-responsible job. He or she:

  • Is a security trained individual with a strong background and in almost all cases a certified close protection officer.
  • Can control a vehicle exceptionally well under various circumstances. Tactical driving skills include driving at high-speeds, when in pursuit, low-profile driving, offroad driving and driving defensively and aggressively.
  • Understands the vehicle you use. This means he or she knows its technical abilities and its limits and how to keep going (if possible) in the case of malfunctions.
  • Knows how to search the vehicle for safety, including checking for any tracking devices and explosives.
  • Is able to spot criminal or suspicious behaviour to prevent incidents in an early stage.
  • Knows the safest routes to take you to your destinations. This includes an assessment prior to the journey and memorizing alternative routes and safe havens.
  • Anticipates surroundings during the journey, assesses traffic and profiles other road users at all times.
  • Knows which attributes to take in the car: video cameras, bulletproof vests, extra water, medical equipment etc.
  • Knows how to contact authorities and medics if necessary, as well as resuscitate and provide first aid before the first responders arrive.


In most cases, a security driver cannot act as your bodyguard at the same time. This especially applies when you travel under high-risk circumstances. Hire a private security driver (also referred to as a bodyguard driver) for safety reasons if you:

  • have been threatened with e.g. kidnap, assault or an attack
  • have been blackmailed or received threats to be blackmailed
  • need to travel through or be in areas with high-criminal activities
  • need to travel through hostile enviroments
  • or if your position as an individual attracts a lot of media attention (e.g. artist, singer, TV-host, CEO, politician, etc.)

If you find yourself in one of the positions above, we advise you to contact a protection agency and discuss your situation. After assessing your situation in detail, a combination of protection services and a team of close protection officers can execute a plan of action to keep you safe at all times.


A person who has been with you for a more extended period of time knows your situation. You don’t have to explain your personal circumstances and preferences over and over again. Details about an upcoming trip will suffice. He or she can prepare the upcoming trip, advance routes and react more adequately than a stranger.

Wherever you go in the world, you can contact Infinite Risks International for a reliable, expert security driver. As a protection agency based in The Netherlands, we have experience in protecting our clients all over the world. We do not limit ourselves to our country or Europe. Thanks to the customized services provided to our valued clients, they feel that they can trust us. We pride ourselves in receiving follow-up requests due to our fhighly skilled and former government personnel.

Once we know you, your company, staff and family members, a single phone call will suffice to set up a personal service, regardless of your location. We go where you go.




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