If one place is a cultural melting pot, it is Monaco. The city-state is the second smallest independent state (first is the Vatican) and the most densely populated country in the world. Only 17% of its inhabitants are Monegasques, 28% are French, followed by 17% Italian. More than 30% come from 120 nationalities. But not everyone can afford to live, let alone have bodyguard services in Monaco.

The standard of living is exceptionally high. Housing is only affordable for the happy few, so many visit Monaco for business or leisure. Banking is one of the business sectors, aside from the most significant industry: tourism. Monaco attracts many for its Formula 1 racing, yachting, casinos, and luxury hotels.

Security for people and assets is a major concern. The risk of an assault in Monaco itself is not that high, thanks to the many cameras and police officers. Getting there and safeguarding your smaller valuables (e.g., jewelry and cars) from theft is your personal responsibility. Bodyguard services can help you.


Criminality and theft of large valuables are uncommon in Monaco. Camera networks cover Monaco entirely 24/7. If necessary, the access or exit routes can be hermetically sealed within ten minutes. For every 75 inhabitants (or so), a police officer is specially trained to serve the citizens and visitors. The judicial system is unrelenting. If you commit the crime, you serve the (maximum) time in jail.

That does not mean there is no crime at all. Drugs, break-ins, and car theft does occur. Traveling to Monaco with your yacht, valuable vehicle, or private jet (Nice airport) will attract some attention nonetheless. If you feel insecure about your safety or of your asset’s safety, hire an experienced bodyguard and let one of the protection services give you peace of mind. This way, you can enjoy the jet-set life or attain your business goals without losing a wink of sleep.


Wherever you travel from, our bodyguard services are always tailored to your needs. We also have experience serving clients from the USA, Russia, China, and the Middle East. We offer both male and female officers who speak multiple languages and can protect you visibly or take on a covert role. Our employees work discreetly and are very professional.

Your personal protection package may include:

  • Bodyguard services or close protection services from your home to your destination and vice versa. A personal bodyguard can also assume a role as one of your staff and operate in a covert manner.
  • Secure transportation with experienced and highly trained security drivers.
  • For traveling to and from Monaco from anywhere around the world, we can arrange travel security. This may include (blacked out or armored) car rental, excellently skilled security drivers, helping you with security at airports, accompanying you on private or corporate aircraft, or advice about your unaccompanied, personal travels.
  • A risk assessment provides insight into the possible risks you may run traveling to and staying in Monaco.
  • Event security services during private or corporate parties at venues, private estates or yachts.
  • Superyacht security applies to trips to and near Monaco as well as keeping your yacht safe in port by our maritime protection team.
  • Residential security during your stay for your estate, apartment or hotel accommodation.


Feel free to contact us for more information about how we ensure your safety with our VIP security services and executive protection services in Monaco. We gladly share examples of our experience with you and send you a non-committal offer. We look forward to assist you with specialist private security services in other areas, like Cannes and Nice (French Riviera) as well.




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