Due diligence investigations

Due diligence investigations for risk-free business decisions

Checking whether your intended business partner is solvable, reliable, and ethical is precisely what due diligence investigations will point out. Prevent taking the risk that you associate yourself with an organization or a person who can discredit you or ruin your built-up company.

Due diligence investigations process

Based on your introduction, we can investigate your relations (companies, organizations or individuals) economically, financially, legally, fiscally, and ethically. We base our process on your goals. If you want to investigate their financial position, we can recover information about turn-over, business connections, subsidiaries, stakeholders, etc. On the other hand, if you want to know more about their reputation, we can investigate staff members, business relations, stakeholders, etc.

We can customize the due diligence process to your requirements, so that you can use the uncovered information in crucial decisions. For instance, when you consider a merger, business relations, or investing. Possible fraud, tax evasion, corruption, environmental issues, or any other unethical motives will surface.

Relations for due diligence include:

  • Clients
  • Suppliers
  • Investors
  • Agents
  • Sub-contractor
  • Governmental organizations
  • NGOs
  • Candidate employees 

Due diligence investigations report

Infinite Risks International knows what to look for. We have access to a wide variety of sources, and we know how to retrieve information within legal boundaries. A once-only or reoccurring due diligence report will provide you with background checks of clients, staff, and suppliers, providing clear insight into:

  • General history and management structure
  • History of or current financial issues
  • Overview of assets
  • Pending legal claims or liabilities (fraud, litigations, blacklists, extortion, blackmail, sanctions, etc.)
  • Pending or historical criminal issues
  • Public reputation
  • Network of clients, suppliers, stakeholders, etc.
  • Reputation according to current and former employees
  • Environmental issues
  • Human rights issues

Protect your assets and your reputation by making substantiated decisions. Do not take the risk of a company or person harming you when you can prevent damage and costs. Curious to find out what Infinite Risks International can do for you? We welcome you to contact us today.



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