Security audits at all levels of your organization

A security audit reveals how well the security is organized of you as a person or family, your home, company, organization, yacht, etc. We discern audits for technology and information security at every level. From the workplace to management. Security audits can be conducted covering the full organization or a part of your building, staff, service or event.

The purpose of a security audit is to reveal possible vulnerabilities. Actively testing whether an intruder can access you, your building, vehicles or premises can be conducted with a penetration test.

Security audits to test security for existing situations

A security audit is commonly conducted for existing situations. How well is your company or organization doing? Are existing measures and precautions sufficient to keep you, your family, staff or assets safe?

After the audit, our security consultants will extensively report their findings. They will also provide suggestions for improvement and expert advice on procedures, policies and guidelines.

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We know your situation is unlike any other. We listen, assess and anticipate to keep you and your assets safe.



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International Services

Our global security agency is experienced in the protection of assets, media teams, diplomats, royal families, celebrities and (U)HNWI in 50+ countries.