Media security for freelancers and teams

Media security, or media protection, is a discipline like no other. We are experienced in protecting both independent freelance journalists and media teams working in broadcast journalism abroad or investigative journalism in their home country.

Safety of journalists and media teams


As a journalist, correspondent, or media team traveling abroad to cover global news, you may find yourself in a country or region that requires safety precautions. Integrating a security adviser, remote medic or security driver in your team reduces risks of criminal attacks and kidnapping. Our media security teams consists of former Dutch and UK (maritime) special operations forces operators with extensive experience working as security advisers in hostile environments in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Their skills include; surveillance detection, making risk assessments, defensive driving and advanced medical.

Infinite Risks International is also able to assist with travel security training, hostile environment awareness training (HEAT), GPS tracking and ballistic protection such as; bulletproof vests, helmets and armored vehicles.

Alternatively, our professionals provide accurate and relevant advice on the best practices for your specific region or devise a plan of action for your trip. We do everything to safeguard you on your trip and bring you home safely.

Infinite Risks International employs former specialist military, police and intelligence staff who have served news reporters, NGOs and ambassadors. Our protection officers know how to deal with sensitive information, have been remote-medically trained and are multilingual. Heaven forbid, if you land in a dangerous situation, our skilled men and women are able to keep you alive for at least 72 hours.

Media security in home country

Some risks or threats may occur in your home country during the investigation of a controversial or sensitive topic. In this case, you may require close protection services or low profile protection.

Whether you need advice, intelligence, preparatory training or a security adviser to guide you abroad, we are ready to serve you. Ask us your questions. Contact us today for more information.



We know your situation is unlike any other. We listen, assess and anticipate to keep you and your assets safe.



Our certified officers all have the Dutch mentality making them discreet, down-to-earth, realistic and cooperative.



We protect and advise you wherever you are. Our expert teams serve clients in over 50 countries in any circumstance.

International Services

Our global security agency is experienced in the protection of assets, media teams, diplomats, royal families, celebrities and (U)HNWI in 50+ countries.