Family security during travel, as an expat or in your home country

Family security encompasses various ways of protection. We understand that every family member fulfills a particular role. This requires a mixed approach, especially in countries with an increased risk.

With a special focus on child safety, we acknowledge that trust is of the greatest significance. Infinite risks helps you keep your family safe and secure, both in your home country, during travels or living an expat life abroad. 

Clients we serve with family protection include:

Depending on the country you live in or the potential risks you run, we can keep a high or low profile and upscale or downscale when needed. Home security, travel security, asset protection and safety at school are only a few examples of the physical protection services we provide.

Our security risk advisory & investigative services include: home security check, data privacy & social media check and GPS tracking of persons and assets.  

Alternatively, being well-prepared for travels or starting a family life abroad may be the solution you need. We can execute a risk assessment, devise a family security plan or recruit local staff or security drivers.  

Family security services may include:  

We welcome you to present us with your case. We will offer you our advice on the best approach to keep you and your family safe with our comprehensive family risk management services. To protect you and your family at home and abroad.  Contact us today.



We know your situation is unlike any other. We listen, assess and anticipate to keep you and your assets safe.



Our certified officers all have the Dutch mentality making them discreet, down-to-earth, realistic and cooperative.



We protect and advise you wherever you are. Our expert teams serve clients in over 50 countries in any circumstance.

International Services

Our global security agency is experienced in the protection of assets, media teams, diplomats, royal families, celebrities and (U)HNWI in 50+ countries.