Cote d’Azur bodyguard services for celebrities and UNHWIs is not just about physical protection and crowd management. The risks are more diverse than 20 years ago. Discover what a professional and licensed security agency can do for your safety and protect you against various threats.


The Cote d’Azur in France became a region for wealthy Russians and English to spend the winter months during the end of the 18th-century. Once Nice was connected by rail mid-19th-century, tourism started to flourish.

Today, many grandeur festivals and events attract artists, investors and (ultra) high-net-worth individuals who combine business with pleasure all year. Aside from visiting the Cannes Film Festival and Grand Prix F1 in Monaco in May, Nice Jazz Festival in July or one of the yachting events in September each year, many people spend their holidays in this region. In hotels, a privately owned house or on a yacht.

A few decades ago, bodyguards were predominately active to safeguard their clients from physical attacks, kidnapping and burglary. The reactive approach came down to being well-trained and staying close to the client.

Due to the internet, the threats have extended to hacking, stalking and extortion, to name a few examples. This requires a different approach. It requires protection agencies to be pro-active.


  • Keeping a low profile is easier said than done. If you are a person who wants to operate out of view of public life, it may be challenging to safeguard your identity. Both online and offline. Safety measures and people to help monitor you and your family can keep you at your toes at all times.
  • Keeping the right profile is just as hard. For example, as an artist, you value your fans. You have to be out in the open to a certain extent. Privacy, however, is just as valuable. Balancing them both can be a tricky thing. Knowing what accommodation to book or which entrance/exit to take, where to drive to avoid crowds and keeping obsessed fans with camera’s and smartphones at arm’s length can be incorporated in overall protective service.
  • For some people, barriers are unfamiliar. Or obsession takes over. Stalking is a phenomenon that can be harmless but annoying when people want to contact you for your talent, fame or benefits. A serious threat may be opposed by someone with an obsession or mental illness or who has criminal intentions. A combination of professional advice, risk assessments, safety measures and physical support can keep you safe (and sane!).
  • Freedom of speech is another reason why some people require 24/7 protection. If your opinion as an artist, politician or investor triggers activists to pose a threat against you, a sensible protection plan and subsequent measures will keep you achieving your goals.
  • One of the most difficult situations you can encounter is the threat of personal relations and internal staff. Whether this concerns your business or your private network, finding out who abuses your trust is challenging. Intelligence-based operations bring results.


A pro-active, tailored approach will protect you and your family members or staff. Pro-active requires excellent communication and interaction between the client and the protection agency. The agency needs to be updated on your situation in detail. From there, your situation will be assessed to map all the risks.

A professional security agency can conduct a risk assessment in a matter of hours, using knowledge, skills, experience and intelligence. Aside from taking precautionary safety measures, close protection officers (bodyguards) and/or security drivers will execute a plan. Keeping you safe is more than physically standing by your side. Safety is also about making inquisitive phone calls, bookings and reservations, sweeping services, event & crowd management, and checking staff credentials.


We assign licensed, former government and highly trained bodyguards only. Our sophisticated and smartly dressed close protection officers work confidentially at all times and are tech-savvy, multi-lingual and empathetic. They are able to control a situation, avoiding a scene or catastrophe. Both armed and unarmed.

Our services include Close Protection, luxury transportation, event security and superyacht security. Feel free to contact our office and find out what we can do for you on the French Riviera.




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