Intelligence gathering

Intelligence gathering for individuals and organizations

Intelligence gathering has nothing to do with artificial intelligence nor with science fiction. It is a systematic way of collecting data and information, analyzing it, and using it to your benefit. In our business, it means we can calculate risks and ascertain where you stand in a particular situation.

Intelligence gathering can benefit individuals, companies, and governments. An example is an in-depth search of what information is available about your identity and reputation. This can reveal pushy fans, potential stalkers, or perjury against you.

For companies, it can protect their brand. What is said or written about you? What plans does the competition have? What interest does the competition have in you? Which part of your data is publicly available? And, what can you do to keep it to yourself?

It would surprise you to know how many human mistakes lead to ‘accidentally’ disclosing secretive information. Examples include the way e-mail addresses are formulated, poor IT security and passwords, shared ‘confidential’ documents, etc.

Information gathering vs intelligence gathering

Gathering information is only the start of intelligence. Information can be found anywhere; on the internet (OSINT), in government data files, on the dark web, in newspapers, dossiers, personal contacts (HUMINT) and by conducting covert surveillance. This information’s significance is its interpretation and the logical questions or observations you can obtain from it. The process to transform information into intelligence is:

Step 1 | As trained officers, we know where to search and how to retrieve information. That is the first step of the process.

Step 2 | Second, we ‘read between the lines’, delete irrelevant or unreliable data, and look elsewhere for additional or conformational data.

Step 3 | Lastly, we deduce priority and relevance.

Intelligence gathering results in a risk report and advice on protecting yourself, your family members, and your company or brand. Examples include the way e-mail addresses are formulated, poor IT security and passwords, shared ‘confidential’ documents, etc.

What is counterintelligence?

Counterintelligence is a method to keep a watchful eye and pick up on possible unknown risks and threats before becoming a reality. Governments apply (counter) intelligence gathering for the safety of their citizens. One example is diplomacy. This is generally used to build international relations, but it can also sound out what intentions a (new) leader may have for your country. Many terrorist attacks have been thwarted thanks to the power of counterintelligence.

You can find more information about our counterintelligence service on the page ‘Counter surveillance’.

Benefit from our experience

The intelligence gathering process can be challenging as inexperience makes it time-consuming work. You also need to understand the appropriate techniques and methods, let sleeping dogs lie, and realize a significant portion of data is disclosed to the public. We can speed up your search and have access to information and databases you may not have.

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