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Hiring Bodyguards in Kenya or Not?

If you are wondering if is safe enough to travel to Kenya, you are not the only one. Especially if you are a multinational C-suite level executive, diplomat or member of a media team. This question is asked quite frequently. Having business plans in one of the cities and/or travel plans with your family, you want to feel safe at all times. So, is it smart hiring bodyguards in Kenya or not?

When looking at the safety of a country in Africa, it is always wise to consider its culture. Also for Kenya, history has influenced the current culture significantly. Being a former British colony, people in Kenya are familiar with Westerners and English is still one of the spoken languages. However, not every part of Kenya is safe for visitors traveling on their own.

Kenya’s Safe and Unsafe Places

The country possesses stunning national parks and reserves where tourists book safaris and luxury holidays. When booking with an official travel agency, you are generally safe as a tourist. Alternatively, never forget you are traveling to a country where you need to be street smart in the cities and prepare well as far as health care and hygiene in rural areas are concerned.

The best tip is to be a well-informed traveler. Be aware of (local) elections with accompanying tumults and natural issues such as diseases and insect infestations. For the best travel tips, please review them in our article for Morocco. They apply to Kenya’s cities such as Nairobi, Mombasa and Namunyak as well.

The region near the Somalian border is unsafe due to the Kenyan military intervention in this country. During the past years, terrorist organisation Al Shaabab attacked Kenyan sites in Garissa county and Lamu county. Hundreds of people were kidnapped, killed and/or injured. Threats are still ongoing, and targets may include shopping centres, tourist areas and embassies.

Be Informed About the Safe Zones and Cultural Difference Before Hiring Bodyguards in Kenya

Safe zones

Both the UK government and US government issue excellent travel advice on their respective platforms ‘Foreign Travel Advice’ and ‘Travel Advisories’. While the websites advise against traveling to certain parts of Kenya (consult the websites for exact regions), the majority of the beautiful country is relatively safe.


Female travellers will experience no problems when travelling through the country. However, homosexuality is not only hardly accepted by local people, but it is still forbidden by law. Openly displays of affection between same-gender persons could lead to financial penalties or even a prison sentence.


Hiring executive protection services from companies that are not licensed in Kenya is unadvised. Some local companies do not live by the same rules, policies or the same Western context and traditions. Hierarchy has a different meaning in Kenya. In some cases, local guards are recruited (and obligated) to provide job-related information to the National Intelligence Service. With all its consequences. Their boss is the government, not you.

Hiring bodyguards in Kenya from a professional executive protection agency with in-country vetted partners is a better alternative. Our local partner has been vetted, screened and the local agents are all licensed, insured and trained to high standards. In most cases we’ll have a company representative in Kenya acting as a liaisson officer/teamleader.

Let a Professional Protection Agency Worry About Your Safety in Kenya

Whether you stay in rural Kenya or one of the cities in a private or business capacity, a professional protection agency knows how to act and protect you. From secure transportation and event security to bodyguard services and from trip preparation and training to providing actual travel security services.

Infinite Risks employs Western licensed and (trauma first aid) trained close protection officers who speak multiple languages and are deployed worldwide. We bank on a reliable, professional partner network to accommodate your specific needs. Feel free to contact us today for further information about our VIP security solutions and our bodyguard services in Kenya.


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