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Depending on your plans to visit North Africa, hiring bodyguard services in Morocco will make it a lot easier to reach your goals. Morocco possesses a certain culture that you need to know when you want to spend your time as comfortable and relaxed as possible. With a close protection officer or secure transportation, Marrakech, Agadir and other cities are safe to visit. Indulge yourself!

Moroccan Culture Characteristics

Morocco is a true melting pot of cultures. The rich history is affected by the Romans, the Middle-East, the French and the Spanish. And, last but not least, the continent’s influences: North Africa.

These influences can still be found in the language. While standard Arabic is the official language, still many people speak Amazigh. Due to colonial influences, also European words can be heard.

Religion plays a significant role in Moroccan society. Westerners speak of a conservative culture due to religious regulations. This results in rituals that can easily be detected as a foreigner.

For instance, greeting people from the opposite sex occurs by nodding the head or shaking hands. Only people of the same gender kiss each other on the cheeks. During the Ramadan, the period of fasting, no-one eats, drinks or smokes from sunrise until sunset. Another example is clothing. Although city life is more modern, in rural areas, the traditional views and patriarchal society dominates. This results in women covering themselves with plain clothing, jabadors or kaftans.

Everyday Struggles Can Easily Be Overcome

Being one of the most stable countries in North Africa, King Mohammed VI is moderately modernizing the country. Therefore, with the focus on citizen welfare, growing trade, and tourism, Morocco is a country that is rather safe to visit.

Moroccans are known for their kind-hearted and welcoming character. However, they won’t refrain from showing their temperament, when it concerns injustice against their family and friends, their business and in sports. Demonstrations can stir up the usual calm in cities as well.

Cultural differences can be overcome when adapting to them as best as you can. A few pointers to help you understand how to deal with every-day situations.

Traffic in Morocco is unlike any Western country. Both in the city, where it is hectic and in rural areas where roads are not clearly marked, and signs are in Arabic. The cities especially, require experienced drivers to find your way through over-crowded streets, bad roads and aggressive drivers.

To get an idea of the magnitude of the cities; Casablanca inhabits 3,5 million people, Fez 1,2 million and Tangier, Salé and Marrakesh approximately 1 million people. Around half a million people call larger cities such as Maknes, Agadir and the capital Rabat their home.

The best advice to travel in Morocco is to avoid quiet city neighborhoods. If visiting a tourist attraction, book with recognized tour operators only. Just like other cities in the world, as a foreigner, you may be the object of petty theft and swindle. Tips that apply to cities of Morocco include:

  • Scamming foreigners is commonly tried. Examples include trying to guide you into small streets for money, doubling rates for foods, services and goods for no reason, conflicting menu pricing and taking pictures on the streets of people, animals, buildings, etc. for which you supposedly have to pay.
  • Haggling is a way of life. Don’t pay the asking price. Try it before purchasing anything and also bargain for the taxi fare.
  • Taking a taxi requires staying on your toes at all times. Know where the driver is taking you, so he can’t take advantage of you being unfamiliar with the area.
  • Dress appropriately. Copy the dress code in the city or region you visit. Traveling as a woman may imply dressing more modestly, covering your legs, shoulders and hair.
  • Carry small bills and do not use your phone on the street as a route planner. Go inside a store or restaurant first to plan your route.
  • Do not accept drinks with ice. Drink bottled water and sodas only.
  • When in need of health care, always consult a private institution where doctors are trained in Western countries. Be prepared for bureaucracy and bribery.
  • Most of all, show your confidence and act like a seasoned traveler with experience in Morocco.

What to Look for in Bodyguard Services in Morocco

Make your business trip or holiday a lot easier and hire a bodyguard who knows his way around in the country, the city and the culture. Hiring an international executive protection company, that provides protection services with a local security team who are (trauma) medical trained and speak English, Arabic and preferably a Berber language is never a bad idea.

In some situations, a humble, friendly demeanour will enhance business opportunities offering you the sky as the limit. A person who knows how to adapt and is familiar with the Muslim religion and cultural finesses can destress a situation before it becomes awkward.

More Information About Moroccan Bodyguard Services

If you require more information about global travel security planningbodyguard servicessecure ground transportation or a combination of VIP security services, please contact us today.

Infinite Risks assigns licensed bodyguards who know how to protect you in the culture Morocco has. We offer our services to high-profile clients (VIP / Celebrity), (U)HNWIsRoyaltymedia teams and diplomats. We work with reliable and vetted partners in our professional network.

Should you require bodyguard services in Morocco please contact us. We gladly propose you a tailor-made solution and ensure an appropriate offer.


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