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Hire Bodyguard Services in Mumbai to Stay Safe in the Midst of 20 Million People

It is the biggest city in the Indian nation and has an estimated number of inhabitants of approximately 20 million: Mumbai. In a city this big, you are bound to find many tourist excursions or opportunities as a business person, which we have experienced many people do. The community is divided into Mumbai city, Mumbai Suburban, and the districts Thane and Raigad. The port (for transporting goods and passengers), its financial district, production industries, and the film industry Bollywood are essential to the city. Thanks to the enormous opportunities for work, Mumbai attracts Indians from all over the county with various backgrounds. That is why the city is a melting pot of cultures. The reasons to visit the city are plentiful both business-wise and for leisure. However, finding your way and staying safe, especially for (solo) females, could be challenging. Discover our safety tips, how we can help you prepare for your travels and more information about our bodyguard services in Mumbai in this article.

What About Mumbai?

Mumbai is loud, crowded, and hectic. Yet, it is also a place where you can eat delicious treats on the street curb or enjoy some fine-dinging. It has museums, beaches, parks, clubs, historical buildings, and much more. No wonder it attracts about 6 million tourists each year.

Tourism is one of the major sources of income, aside from the entertainment (Bollywood), financial, steel, oil and gas, consumer goods, and fashion industries. No wonder it attracts Indian workers throughout the country and business relations from all over the world.

Is Mumbai Safe?

Mumbai is considered a ‘yellow’ region. This means government travel advice urges you to prepare your trip well and take safety precautions for a pleasant and comfortable stay.

Are you planning on combining your visit to Mumbai with other regions? Please keep in mind that the UK and Dutch governments urgently advise against traveling to the (red) regions in the North, especially the border with Pakistan, Jammu, and Kashmir.

Furthermore, only visit (orange) states such as Chhattisgarh in the middle, Ladakh in the North, and some states in the east when you have necessary family or work-related matters to tend to. The embassy will have difficulty or be unable to help you in case of an emergency in these regions. For overall travel in India, you are informed that safety may differ from your home country. Register your travel plans at the Ministry of foreign affairs or contact the local embassy.

What Can You Do Stay Safe?

Personal safety starts by making safe travel arrangements, which naturally includes booking safe accommodation, but it is about much more than that. So the first task would be to check the risks you run when visiting a city or country. These are some risks you have to consider when visiting Mumbai:

  • In the past, public places have been targeted for a terrorist attacks, especially where Western visitors are numerous. Be alert in and around luxury hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, festivals, and markets. Government officials monitor safety at the airport, subway and train stations, and large hotels.
  • Criminal offenses have been reported by scam gangs, who have drugged foreigners (via food and drinks) to steal their possessions. Be alert when someone offers uninvited help or tours.
  • Travel and be outside during the day only. Be alert, nonetheless, as most robberies take place during the daytime.
  • Carry your money, passport, and other valuables close to your body, and refrain from taking official documents with you during sightseeing or a business meeting.
  • Consult local authorities and news networks to inform yourself about demonstrations and assemblies. Besides the additional risk of robbery or attack, a big crowd can result in traffic jams, closed roads or train services, and an electricity or internet shutdown.
  • The air pollution in a big city such as Mumbai is severe. You may struggle with health issues due to smog during certain weather conditions.

Bodyguard Services in Mumbai

Depending on your goals and the purpose of your visit to Mumbai, every traveler needs to consider their safety in a city that is indicated to be a yellow zone (some travel risks apply). A professional personal security service provider with international experience can help you with pre-trip planning by conducting a risk assessment, offer private security guard services in Mumbai, and everything in between.

We can help you with the screening of a person or company you do business with and help you understand the culture and its ways.

Would you prefer to book our VIP service so that you can focus on your holiday or business without any worries? We invite you to contact us with your travel goals. Our travel bodyguards can accompany you on your inbound and outbound flight, arrange secure transportation, and act as your personal assistant for you and your family as far as reservations and bookings are concerned. We know the area and speak the language.

How We Help You With Bodyguard Services in Mumbai

Our international personal security officers have Dutch, British, or American nationality, are highly trained former government operatives and they all speak multiple languages. They have provided security (mostly unarmed security) to celebritiesdiplomats, business executives and even Royalty around the world. Our local security personnel are carefully selected and are highly experienced in event securityVIP protection and security driving.

We know our way around the region and have close contact with local authorities and professional close protection partners.

We invite you to contact us with your security requirements. As an international security company, we provide our clients high-end personal security services globally. Please feel free to contact us for more information about executive protection or personal bodyguard services in Mumbai and find out what we can do for you.


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