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Bodyguard Services in Miami

It is quite challenging to single out one of our particular client groups and focus our article for bodyguard services in Miami on them. That is because this south Florida city has it all. Tourism, leisure, sports, culinary venues, business (e.g., finance, biotechnology, and international trade), arts, culture, universities and colleges, bitcoin conferences and more attract people from all over the world. Both young and old.

Even though everyone requires their own level of safety, there is one similarity that applies to Miami security for every group. We will get back to that later. First, a shortlist of the potential risks your run in Miami and what you can do about that.

Is Miami Safe?

Did you know Miami, FL is one of the United States’ largest international banking hubs? Besides that, the city is home to both nationally and internationally operating businesses, and it calls itself ‘Cruise Capital of the World’. With the third-largest American skyline allowing plenty of holidaymakers to enjoy themselves, Miami ranks second in receiving international visitors each year. First is New York City, of course.

If Miami were not safe at all, there wouldn’t be so many businesses and leisure opportunities. Yet, how come the city has a reputation of being a criminal city? Unfortunately, the crime rate still disappoints today, with the highest number of violent and gun-related crimes in the country.

Do You Need Bodyguard Services in Miami?

Personal safety starts by checking the weather forecast. Natural disasters, such as floods and hurricanes, occur during the hurricane season, which runs from June 1st until November 30th. So refrain from visiting when you know a storm or hurricane is headed toward Miami.

When you are in Miami, some areas or neighborhoods are best avoided. Among the most dangerous are Overtown, Liberty City, Downtown, and Model City. Also, avoid the overhead passes. Homelessness is a big problem in Miami. Homeless people have built entire communities on these overhead passes.

Taking a (licensed) taxi at night instead of walking to your destination, keeping a close eye on your luggage and other belongings, and knowing where you want to go will keep you confident and safe all the time.

What Every Form of Miami Security Requires

The secret to safeguarding yourself and your company (whether this is your family or colleagues) is to have a professional nationwide security company with experience in the region help you with pre-trip planning or private security in Miami.

As a Dutch security company, we started accompanying DJs and performing artists on their tours to nightclubs and festivals in Miami. As our experience grew, so did our reputation. Today, our services in Florida have expanded from celebrity protection to keeping high-net-worth families safe during their holidays, personal protection of diplomats and business executives and superyacht protection.

Our executive protection officers have Dutch, British and American nationalities, have a very strong government background and they all speak multiple languages (including Spanish). This may be very useful, as over 70% of the Miami population is of Hispanic or Latino descent. We know our way around in the region. That means we; know which neighborhoods are safe, can help you find safe (and excellent) hotels, and understand how you can reach your goals without worrying about your safety. Let us protect you.

We Provide Bodyguard Services in Miami

We invite you to contact us with your (armed) security requirements in the city of Miami. We can help you with advice on travel preparations and security awareness training.

Alternatively, we can accompany you personally on your trip or during your event. Our personnel are licensed (former) law enforcement officers who have been trained in specialized police units. They all possess additional skills, varying from specialist driving to medical aid and sports (diving, skiing etc.).

Infinite Risks International is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but we operate worldwide. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our high-end security services, (covert) executive protection services or how to hire our professional bodyguard services in Miami.


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