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Bodyguard services in Italy is not something you think of when you think about this beautiful country. Italy is known for its art, architecture, and culture, especially its culinary culture. Yet, besides the pride Italians take in historical and modern art, architecture, world-famous fashion brands, and fast cars, also manners, or rather etiquette, play a significant role. If you understand them a little, even the unwritten ones, and practice them, you will encounter cooperation and compliments.


Not greeting or acknowledging someone is seriously frowned upon. If you know a person a little better, you shake hands. Kissing is reserved for acquaintances, family, and friends. The concept of flattery was invented in Italy. Everyone does it. It forms the grease of a well-oiled social machine.

Other cultural matters the Italians appreciate are dressing and eating well. There is no way an Italian would economize on food or clothes. Coffee in the morning (an absolute must which is very affordable) with a quick bite on the go. The feast starts at lunch and extends to a (late) dinner. If you eat, you share your food and converse with your table companions. Do not work or read the paper.

What may strike you is the way Italians drive. Too fast and chaotically. If you are an insecure driver, opt to travel by public transportation, hire a taxi or private (security) driver for comfort.


The chaotic way some things are organized also applies to doing business and the Italian economic system. The many small to medium-sized enterprises are responsible for Italy’s strong economy. Yet, only the new generations are discovering that speaking languages besides Italian enables them to grow their import and export opportunities.

A part of the business culture is working under the table. This phenomenon is stronger in some regions than others. When you do business with companies or people in Italy, you may need to get acquainted first, lobby for your products, or sign complicated contract deals. Italy’s sales and payment settlements differ in efficiency and fluency from other Western countries.


Another problem Italy still faces is the mafia or mob. Mafia members offer so-called protection against payment. People, their businesses, and (life) stock have suffered greatly when not obliging to the demands. The Italian police have their work cut out for them locally. Also, international police units have their hands full, mainly in intercepting drug trafficking.

Safety in Italy

Overall, as a holidaymaker or business traveler, Italy is safe to visit. Standard precautions apply, such as never flashing your belongings, understanding where you are traveling to and keeping an eye on your luggage at all times. Be aware of pickpocketing in crowds and rely on your gut feeling  when meeting a stranger to prevent yourself from getting scammed.

Some cities require some extra attention to keep yourself safe:

  • Bologna is the ‘students’ city’, which can get pretty crowded. Watch out for pickpocketing and petty theft, drug users and dealers.
  • Catania (in Sicily) knows a chaotic driving culture where a pedestrian’s green light may not always give you the right of way. Also, be aware of ride-by theft and street robbery.
  • Florence is overwhelmed by tourists during the summer months. This attracts pickpocketers. Also, stay away from abandoned and dark streets at night.
  • Milan is known for smooth-operating groups of pickpocketers, bribery, and corruption.
  • Naples has a bad reputation due to organized crime (mafia), but as a tourist, you will not be confronted with any of their crimes as long as you keep away from certain neighborhoods. Do keep your eyes open for tourist scams and pickpocketing.
  • Rome is tourist city number one in Italy. From petition trickery to ATM fraud and street theft are occurrences to watch out for.
  • Turin has reported many pickpocketing around tourist attractions and the train station.

Security Services in Italy

Infinite Risks can provide you with several security services for comfort reasons when on holiday or to accompany you on business trips, from pre-trip planning to personal security.

Risk management

  • We can assess your travel plans and provide advice whether you may encounter any security issues based on your itinerary.

Technical solutions

  • We can provide you with a 24/7 panic button or GPS tracking device for your personal safety without invading your privacy.
  • Further technical security assistance could include an alarm system or CCTV system for your residence or other assets.

Personal protection

Executive protection and bodyguard services in Italy can be carried out by licensed, trained and screened bodyguards, who can accompany you, your friends or family in Italy.


More Information About Bodyguard Services in Italy

We are a security company from the Netherlands with a vast and reliable network in Europe. Depending on your requirements, we can provide advice, assess your trip, accompany you on your flight and offer high-end protection in Italy.

Our staff consists of predominantly Dutch and British agents from specialized military, police and intelligence units. Our agents speak at least two languages (including Italian) and are uniquely skilled in, e.g., specialist driving, trauma first aid and (counter) surveillance.

We are highly experienced in guiding travelers to and in Italy and keeping our clients safe. Please contact us for more information about security solutions or bodyguard services in Italy. We look forward to helping you out.


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