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Bodyguard Services in Belgium

Bodyguard services in Belgium are often required by business executives, celebrities and diplomats, especially in the Brussels area.

Belgium is a country with a complex political system inherited by a sequence of state reformations. Authority is still divided into districts for economics and infrastructure, while the defense, justice, and social securities fall under the federal government. Based on the diversity in cultures, 40% of the people speak French (Wallonia in the south), 60% speak Dutch (Flanders in the North), and only a small group speaks German (in the East).

Brussels, situated on the borderline of the two major languages, is Belgium’s capital. Besides housing the national government, the city is also the seat for the European Parliament, NATO, and other related institutions.

The Brussels international function has attracted many multinationals to open up a subsidiary, turning the city into a huge diplomatic and business hub. In fact, Brussels is the second largest European business city after London and Paris. Besides offices and international diplomatic services, more (political) conventions take place every year than in Washington DC.

Safety & Security in Belgium

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, and major cities like Antwerp and Gent, are quite safe to visit as tourists or business executives. Like in any other European city, you should always be aware of petty theft, scams, and pickpocketing.

The heightened risk for a terrorist attack stems from the severe suicide bombing at Zaventem Airport in Brussels in March 2016, where 32 people died, and 340 were injured. Security at major airports all over the world has become far more stringent since this tragic date.

Security Drivers and Bodyguard Services in Belgium

Our close protection and bodyguard services for the Brussels area predominantly focus on safeguarding diplomats and their delegations as well as protecting celebrities, C-Suite level executives, and, in some cases, Royalty.

As a personal security company operating from the vicinity of Amsterdam, we understand the high-end demands diplomatic protection may require. We can help you as an individual company or support your executive protection company by assessing any imposed risks and providing inside information about the region.

Depending on your situation, our services may include:

More Information About Our Protection Services

We welcome you to visit our ‘About us’ webpage for more information about our personal protection company. It will provide an insight into our work ethic in keeping the world safe, or preferably, making it a bit safer every day.

If you have any questions about VIP security services in Belgium, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to deploy our highly trained VIP protection officers globally 24/7/365. 


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