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Is It Safe to Travel to France? When to Hire Bodyguard Services in France?

Due to the demonstrations and riots in the past year, clients ask us if it is safe to travel to France. Also, the terrorist attacks are still fresh in their memories. So when do you hire bodyguard services in France?

Only recently, at the threshold of the trial concerning the attack on the weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo, where 17 people were killed (2015), the French authorities confirmed that the threat of a terrorist attack is still ‘extremely high’ in France. The French Ministry of Justice confirms to have thwarted at least six attacks in the last couple of months.

This article is by no means intended to frighten anyone. Our mere intention is to make you aware of the possible risks you could encounter as a (business) traveler, tourist, or citizen. If you intend to do business in France or travel to France for leisure purposes, it is wise to consider your personal risks.

As an internationally operating private security agency, we provide our clients with personal security services in the broadest sense of the word. Our services reach from close protection to security advice in keeping you and your family safe at all times.

Who Do We Protect?

Infinite Risks International is proud to serve clients with a wide variety of occupations and fame. We recognize that every single person requires a unique approach. No two CEOs intending to do business in France need exactly the same strategy. It comes down to thoroughly understanding the personal goals and assessing the risks accordingly. Our clients include:

What Protection Services Do We Offer in France?

bodyguard is a trusted and familiar face in a foreign country. He or she is not only there to protect you at all times, but this discreet agent can also assist in making reservations, arranging secure transportation, providing advice, and safeguarding your hotel. Both covert (not publicly visible) and overt protection are possible.

  • Personal protection may be required in a covert (low-profile) or public manner. Consider our staff to be your protector and assistant. When your schedule or plans change, we instantly assess any risks and act accordingly.
  • For traveling locally or internationally, your travel bodyguard can accompany you. A security driver and/or armored vehicles will bring you to your destination safely.
  • If your risk lies with intrusion in your residence, or holiday accommodation, our staff will devise a plan and install required measures to safeguard your buildings.
  • For advice about security staff and measures for your home or business offices and sites, we can assess the risks for your specific situation.
  • For your personal (international) traveling plans, we gladly offer you a risk assessment, country report, and awareness training.

If you would like to know more about our executive protection services in specific French regions, please check our articles about:

When to Hire Bodyguard Services in France?

If you do not feel safe traveling to and in France (solo, with your family, staff or management team), if you have never been to France and you do not know how to assess your risks, if you need to keep a low profile, or if you have an appointment with someone of a certain reputation, Infinite Risks International can help you.

To find out what your current risks imply, we can surely be of assistance. Please contact us for more information about our close protection services in France.


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