Bodyguard Services on the Bahamas

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Bodyguard Services on the Bahamas

There are two primary reasons people hire executive protection or bodyguard services on the Bahamas, a tropical holiday and work. However, these two reasons do not imply only two types of security requirements are involved. That depends on your goals, your level of safety and your preferences.

In this article, we gladly inform you what you can do to stay safe yourself, what risks you could run on the Bahamas and how a professional protection agency can help you. Our quick read will keep you and your loved ones safe and let you have the time of your life!

What About the Bahamas

Did you know the Bahamas are officially part of the Commonwealth with Queen Elizabeth as its monarch? This is because The Bahamas were a British colony until it gained governmental independence in 1973. Today, the island group, covering approximately 700 islands, is one of the wealthiest countries in the Americas.

Only 30 of the islands are inhabited, with Nassau on the island of New Providence as its capital. With its tropical climate, Nassau is one of the favorite stopping places for many cruise ships. Yet, also the resorts attract many tourists.

Where tourism accounts for about 50% of the national income, second is the banking sector. The Bahamas are considered a tax haven as they maintain a very different regime than most countries. Instead of claiming income or corporate taxes, the government receives revenue from, e.g., import, VAT, property taxes.

Are the Bahamas Safe?

It is advised to arrange accommodation and travel arrangements before you arrive in the Bahamas. Especially in the part of Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands, which were damaged by hurricane Dorian in 2019. Rebuilding work is ongoing.

From June to November, it is hurricane season. Also, tropical storms and cyclones may interfere with your itinerary. The islands have shelters open to the public. If you want to travel in this period of the year, please consult local travel advisers and weather forecasts.

Safety regulations for renting a scooter, excursions and water sports activities (combined with the use of alcohol) are poorly regulated. As a result, accidents and injuries occur frequently, and companies are insufficiently or not insured.

Tourists traveling to New Providence will be safe. This also applies to families with children and solo female travelers. However, criminality on the Bahamas is relatively high. Theft, robbery, break-ins and even armed attack incidents have been reported, also with fatalities. The police patrols residential and tourist areas frequently.

Do You Need Bodyguard Services on the Bahamas?

Personal safety starts by checking which areas or neighborhoods are best avoided. For example, on the island of New Providence, areas where few tourists come (e.g., ‘Over the Hill’) are generally less safe. Be well-advised by locals about where to go and where to stay clear from.

Do not flash your valuables and carry your money, credit cards and documents on your body. Use the safe in your accommodation for passports and airline tickets if available. Do not lose track of your luggage and personal items in public at any time.

Our best advice is not to resist when being robbed. Offer (some) money and jewelry you have. Your refusal or resistance may lead to (more) violence.

Planning Prevents Problems

Safeguarding yourself and your loved ones or colleagues comes down to planning and risk assessments. A professional security company with international experience can help you with pre-trip planningsecure transportationprivate investigations and bodyguard services on the Bahamas, and everything in between.

So, if you wish to travel to the Bahamas yourself, please feel free to ask about our travel risk management services. We can assess what level of risk you may encounter and what you can do to keep yourself and your entourage safe.

Are you looking for VIP services so that you can focus on your holiday or business without any worries? We invite you to contact us with your travel goals. We can accompany you on your inbound and outbound flight, arrange luxury transportation and act as your personal assistant for reservations and bookings.

How We Can Help You With Bodyguard Services on the Bahamas

Our personal protection officers have Dutch, British or American nationalities, and they all speak multiple languages. We know our way around the region and have close contact with local authorities and security partners.

We invite you to contact us with your Bahamas security requirements. We serve our clients worldwide. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our secure transportation, security guard services (villa security), executive protection services armed security services in the Bahamas.


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