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Yacht Protection in Ports and Piracy Protection During Voyages

In a few decades, the financial world has changed enormously. Depressions and periods of boom alternate more frequently due to incidents and events that influence world economies. Companies benefit from opportunities and can become multinationals in a matter of years. The world population has become more wealthy, but putting your money in a savings account is a thing of the past.

Many people seek alternative solutions to invest, spend their free time with friends and family more luxuriously, or organize a small event for business relations. As a result, the sales and rentals of yachts and superyachts have risen enormously.

Spending time on a superyacht offers you quite some advantages. You can bring the yacht to regions with excellent weather, spend your holiday in a relatively isolated environment and meet with friends who have the same interests.

The increase in boats in ports and at sea does have a downside. It forms a magnet for criminals. Burglary and theft of valuable navigation devices, outboard motors, and jet skis are more common than you would hope for. Also, there have been reports of piracy attacks on superyachts over the years.

What Can You Do for Your Yacht Protection?

  • Plan your journey carefully. Understand the risks for the region you are in and consult professional maritime agencies for updates on weather and incidents.
  • Do not share your exact plans with strangers (loose lips sink ships).
  • Photograph valuables on board and save these on an electronic device. Make sure a backup of the files is not on board.
  • Install a safe or citadel on board and store valuables there or store valuables in places that are difficult to find. Keep a separate amount of money aside to pay off criminals. Once paid, they will probably leave.
  • Always set up a backup and contact plan in consultation with an emergency response professional.
  • Hire maritime security staff that understands how to maneuver their way out of a crisis situation, and check if they have additional skills such as advanced first aid, radio communication and personal protection (de-escalating incidents, etc.).

What Can Infinite Risks International Do for You?

With yacht protection experience, Infinite Risks International has proudly assisted clients with vessels in Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, the Indian Ocean, and South America. Our officers have served in specialized (maritime) military forces, and they possess a comprehensive understanding of ISPS, ISM, SOLAS, and other maritime regulations.

Our onboard services may include:

  • Voyage and port risk assessments, applying maritime intelligence
  • ISM & ISPS audits and consultancy
  • Training your staff globally (security awareness & anti-piracy training)
  • Subjecting staff to drug testing and/or security inspections
  • Consultancy services at any location around the world on maritime intelligence and/or technical security measures
  • Secure ground transportation
  • Technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM & bug sweeps)
  • On-board bodyguards, remote medics and armed maritime security teams to protect the crew against  paparazzi, stowaways, criminals or even pirate attacks
  • Crisis management & emergency response
  • Cyber risk management, cyber awareness training & IMO 2021 compliance audits

Do you feel vulnerable and would you like to know how we approach your upcoming voyage as far as safety and security are concerned? Give us a call at +31(0)20-3697499 or send us an e-mail. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.


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