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Why Customized Family Security Management Works Best

Family protection is a significant part of family security management. Aside from financial and cybersecurity, also family security (in the form of personal protection) and asset safety are substantial concerns of today. Clients who consider this form of protection include wealthy families, UHNWI, family businesses, ex-patriate families and families where one or more persons have a high-profile. Think of artists, singers, presenters, people who work in the media industry and politicians.

Keeping your family safe requires a step-by-step conducted process that considers your personal situation and your wishes carefully. The services include protection when working from your office, from home, traveling for business or leisure or performing on stage.

Discover how separate services or a combination of the solutions mentioned below can protect you. We would like to stress that it is essential to consider a protection company that understands the significance of finding a balance between safety measures and impacting your privacy.

Family Protection Services Start With Reliable Information

The foundation of excellent, customized family security management is reliable information. Finding out what risks, threats and vulnerabilities your situation is exposed to and advising you about the best measures to be taken requires detailed information. Therefore, we start with an interview where we talk about your personal situation and needs. In this interview we will also ask a lot of questions about your situation and existing security measures.

Based on the outcome of this assessment, you will receive advice about the best protection strategy for you and your family. Experience shows that family security management can be divided into 4 approaches:

Basic family security

  • Security awareness training for adults, children and house staff
  • Support in the implementation of technical, cyber or physical property protection measures
  • Appointing a 24/7 security, safety & crisis coordinator
  • Monitoring existing suppliers in the field of security

Advanced family security

  • Setting up a preventive safety concept for personal safety
  • Background screening of employees
  • Setting up a crisis management system

Family security measures in the event of an increased threat

  • Improve property and asset protection measures
  • Monitoring all social media platforms and online presence
  • Adapting or activating personal and vehicle tracking systems (GPS)
  • Covert or overt close protection services in addition to the already existing preventive safety measures in the event of an increased threat
  • Travel security for travel abroad
  • Investigation of threats such as stalking, blackmail and/or extortion

Crisis management

  • Crisis team coordination for the initial and subsequent measures
  • Collecting evidence to build a case against the perpetrators
  • Crisis team coordination abroad, if required
  • Contact/intermediary to law enforcement or to represent your interests

Package Options for Year-round Family Safety

At Infinite Risks International, we believe that building a close work relationship with you enables us to upscale or downscale according to your requirements. Yet more importantly, when we know your situation and keep in contact with you year-round, the briefing time in the case of an accident or emergency only takes up minutes instead of hours, enabling us to act immediately.

For that reason, we have created a package that enables us to be updated about your situation continuously and provides you with the guarantee of immediate action as well as scaling to your needs if necessary.

  1. Family security management: identifying your family risks and monitoring these risks
  2. IT security and social media monitoring: information security and tracking fake profiles
  3. Screening individuals within and around the family
  4. Technical security measures including residential security checks and monitoring the home security systems or monitoring third parties, using, e.g. camera systems, alarm response, mobile surveillance and fencing.
  5. Annual (travel) security awareness or driving skill training to family members
  6. Personal protection in the form of protective surveillance (covert), close protection (overt), security chauffeurs or travel security (accompanied by a close protection officer)

We offer the above-mentioned services separately or in a package deal. Please contact us for the options and a personal quotation.

Talk to Us About Family Risk Management

Do you feel uncomfortable due to being exposed to the public? Have you been threatened, blackmailed or stalked, or do you suspect that you are being tapped or bugged? Do you need to travel around the world continuously or work in high-risk zones as an expat or a diplomat or while covering the news? And do you want to keep you, your family and your assets safe? Please feel free to contact Infinite Risks International.

As a protection agency based in the Netherlands, we have been working for various clients all over the world for many years. We know that where families are concerned, especially with children, we need to work diligently to impact your privacy as little as possible, without compromising your safety. We understand that loyalty, trust, integrity and reliability are core values you look for in a family protection agency.

We invite you to contact us and ask us your questions. We gladly provide you with further information about our separate services and our package options.


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