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Corporate Travel Safety for Business Executives and Managers

When you go on a business trip, what is your primary concern? Attaining goals and getting the job done in the least amount of time possible. CEOs, business leaders and managers have a tight schedule. Many meetings, phone calls, reading memos and being updated by staff bring them from breakfast to the office closing hours (and beyond). During business travel, finding your way, making reservations, staying safe, and keeping track of your itinerary, luggage, travel documents, etc., adds to any packed daily schedule. Implementing a corporate travel safety program helps your organization to create and/or streamline existing travel procedures and to fulfil your duty of care.

What if a business traveler could delegate the safety and security preparations to a travel manager or personal executive protection officer? Would it not create more peace of mind, will you not reach your goal more efficiently and return to the office more relaxed, enabling you to pick up business as usual as soon as you return to your office?

What Does Corporate Travel Protection Entail?

As an international protection company, we discern various forms of travel safety, from family travels (UHNWI) for leisure purposes to escorting celebrities on tour. Corporate travel protection is dedicated to safeguarding CEOs, presidents, business leaders, and C-level executives. We understand that your time is scarce and valuable. The more time you can spend focusing on your work means less stress and more attained goals.

Some business leaders require extra services and specific protection to travel without worrying about details. Think of close protectionprotective surveillance, a security driver, and in some cases, medical assistance.

A corporate travel assistant understands what it takes to ensure travel plans run smoothly. We focus on your needs by assisting in:

  • Setting up a Travel Risk Management system with security policies, travel safety guidelines for employees and procedures that overlap with your business travel insurance
  • Creating a travel safety training, specifically written with your company’s traveler safety policies and procedures as the foundation. The travel safety training prepares the traveler on their business travel for a multitude of security challenges that range from political instability to petty crime and from a lost passport procedure (at the embassy) to civil unrest. Our highly experienced instructors have a wealth of knowledge and share great business travel safety tips
  • Conducting a full travel risk assessment that could extend from evaluating a country’s political climate to hotel safety and local medical facilities
  • Country risk reports and updated intelligence reports
  • Journey management (e.g., checking safe routes, secure transportation, armored cars, police escorts etc.)
  • Setting up a crisis management system with the travel manager
  • Medical support and coordination with local emergency services
  • Police or military escorts abroad
  • Corporate aircraft security services and procedures
  • Personal travel guide in the form of a travel bodyguard to ensure their safety

Corporate Travel Preparations

Alternatively, when you require no personal travel bodyguards but want your environment to focus on safety, we can help with travel preparations or function as your emergency response team.

This approach starts with a risk assessment or a country report as well, and it may include:

  • Travel preparations (e.g., arranging the visa, booking safe airline tickets, hotels, private apartments, and safety equipment)
  • Travel security awareness training for you and your staff, both in-company or at an external location
  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training for you and your staff, both in-company or at an external location
  • GPS-tracking of your person, employees, or your vehicles
  • Arranging local bodyguards, (armored) secure ground transportation and remote medical services
  • 24/7 intelligence updates and emergency response
  • Security evacuations & medical repatriations

Corporate Travel Safety Policy

We have assisted clients with multiple frequent travelers in devising a corporate travel safety policy. This entails a program that includes a risk assessment for various levels (e.g., management, sales, engineers) and locations, awareness and safety training and an emergency response plan. Options include tracking systems for individual travelers, arranging visa and creating a corporate travel safety app or website.

Benefit from our expertise and let us share our knowledge to keep your employees safe when traveling all over the world on their business trips.

How Can We Help With Your Corporate Travel Safety Program?

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